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May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016

Don’t Believe Them

A s I sat down to write my June column, I heard a political radio advertisement. It was in support of one of the Republican candidates and to say it got me fired up is an understatement.

I had planned to write something that complemented this issue’s feature on snakes but that will have to wait—at least until this burr is removed from my saddle.

Over the next few months we will be hearing much in outdoors circles about how various politicans love hunters, fishermen and support the Second Amendment. Most of them are lying.

Some of them are truthful but they are few and far between.

The outdoors has always been used as a tool for politicians to reach voters in Texas and other states with a heavy hook and bullet crowd.

And it has worked.

We like to have people in office we think are one of us. For some reason we get excited about someone who gets in front of the cameras, puts on some blaze orange and goes pheasant hunting while they talk about preserving outdoor traditions.

Yes, it is better than someone who is out and out against everything we are about, but we should not keep settling for the best poser of the bunch. For example, if anyone actually thought President Clinton was a diehard duck hunter while he was in Arkansas…well…maybe you need to go quail hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney. 

We’ve already had Ted Cruz duck hunting with the Duck Dynasty crew. Maybe next we’ll get Donald Trump hog hunting or Secretary Clinton shooting sporting clays.

It is all BS.

I truly do not care if my candidate hunts or fishes. Sure it would be wonderful if we had a true sportsman up there but most of the political class rarely venture beyond the pavement unless it is to play golf.

I do however care that they support the Second Amendment without any hesitations and believe in the soverginity of America.

Right now those are two issues that are hanging by a thread with the death of Antonin Scalia, the most powerful conservative on the Supreme Court and the deciding vote.

I have no doubt the next appointee will be anything but conservative and that we will see gun issues coming to the court in full force with a huge push to start banning certain kinds of weapons.

If we have learned anything from the debacle of this year’s political season it is that at the national level the elite class are on the same page whether they are republican or democrat.

The Democrat party left the Second Amendment believing, common sense America long ago and the Republicans are not far behind. There truly is a one party system in Washington with only a few rogue conservatives willing to stand out. And of course the Republican party does everything it can to destroy them.

And  they are destroying the very party they claim to love in the process. Ditto for the Democrat Party.

When an avowed socialist makes a legitimate run for the party’s nomination you can tell it is not the party of JFK anymore.

This election and this point in American history is very much about the Second Amendment. We are the closest to losing it that we have been ever in history and we must do whatever it takes to preserve it.

Whichever candidate lines up with it will get my vote. Period.

This is not political. This is America’s long-term survival.

But we can’t just believe what these people say. We must hold their feet to the fire. Write in, call, begin social media campaigns and stay engaged in Second Amendment issues. 

And we need to start doing this on a local level. This is the area we can see the most positive change and gun issues usually start at the local level.

Can you imagine living in Chicago for example and not being able to own a gun?

The criminals have plenty of them but the average person there is crippled by insane gun laws.

Staying involved in the local and state levels is crucial to your gun rights. The ship may have very well sailed nationally but we live in Texas. This state is the last great hope for freedom loving people and we need to keep our Texas attitude, embrace our history and stand for the Second Amendment.

We have to be smart and fight it in the system. Our voices will drown out the elites if we are consistent, stay on track and don’t let the looney tunes steal the show.

The last thing we need is violence from our side and inarticulate buffoons running around speaking for us. The media loves to pick them out of a crowd but we need to control the narrative, remain peaceful and never back down.

Freedom sells.

We need to let those who are on the fence on guns know this is a choice. We can own or not own a gun but we should not have anyone telling us that it is illegal to do so. 

The political class and the fat cats will be blowing hot air like never before in the coming months to forward their agenda of staying fat cats. 

Don’t’ believe them unless you have good reason and don’t let them gloss over the fact that America’s most unique and perhaps profound freedom, the right to keep and bear arms, hangs in the balance.



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