A True Archery Hybrid: The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

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May 19, 2016
Exotics in Texas
Exotics in Texas
May 20, 2016

How the new Benjamin Pioneer Airbow will change the way you look at bow hunting…with an airgun.

Story by Dustin Warncke

Many advances have been made in the world of archery and the world of airguns. Never before have the two realms been combined before in such a way that made an effective and efficient hunting tool. That is, until the dawning of the Pioneer Airbow.

Having owned a Benjamin Maurader as well as other airguns, I can attest to the power of the modern PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) airgun technologies. Having owned a few crossbows, I can tell you that the technology in archery has advanced in many ways to make bowhunting even better that before. But to combine the two? It had never been done before.

Professional hunter and TV show host Jim Shockey calls the Pioneer Airbow a “game changer”. I couldn’t find better words to describe it. Check out Jim Shockley’s SHOT Show video below:

The Airbow is a true hybrid in combining the power of an airgun with the challenging sport of archery. It can shoot a full length, 375 grain arrow up to a blistering 450 feet per second using the power of compressed air. That is faster than any crossbow in recent history.

This opens up a new realm of possibilities for hunters who want the thrill of the close encounters of bowhunting but may not have the strength or ability to pull back a traditional compound bow and might not be ready to try a crossbow. What’s more is that this Airbow can be easily cocked and de-cocked using only two fingers.


The Pioneer Airbow makes reloading an easy task, even in a tree stand.

The Airbow is safe and easy to use as well as very capable of taking down just about any game species you can find in our great nation. The Airbow is technically an air powered bow although its configuration is similar to that of a bullpup rifle. It is far more compact than any bow or crossbow on the market.

This weapon features an integrated pressure regulator and is powered by compressed air. At its capacity of 3000 psi, a standard for many PCP airguns on the market today, the Airbow can fire 8 shots per fill and use full-size arrows and normal broadheads.

So what can you hunt with this beast of air and arrow? I’ve done the research and, unfortunately, at least in Texas, we can’t hunt native big game species such as Whitetail Deer with the Airbow just yet. We can, however, hunt wild hogs and other exotic game as well as predators all day and all night long with this beast of a weapon.

To see what states have legalized hunting certain species of game with this unique hunting tool, visit http://www.crosman.com/airbow.


Light and powerful, the Pioneer Airbow is a lethal tool for any hunter.

The basic package includes three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows, field tips, and a CenterPoint 6x40mm scope with the custom MTAG reticle, a canted Picatinny base, custom sling, and quick-detach quiver. The scope reticle offers aiming points to 75 yards!

This is an impressive weapon to say the least. The greater speed equals more balanced trajectory which results in higher levels of accuracy. Crosman did something here that the compound bow and crossbow market has been trying to do for years and they did it right out of the box, without any modifications needed. They did it with the power of air!

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow just officially released to the public in April of this year and comes with a $849 MSRP.

For more information about the Pioneer Airbow, visit Crossman.com.

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