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June 25, 2016
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June 25, 2016

The Great White Buffalo Lives

The Great White Buffalo Lives          

Well listen everybody to what I got to say: there’s hope for tomorrow if we wake up today. It happened long time ago in the new magicland, the Indian and the buffalo existed hand in hand. The Indian needed food and skins for a roof, but they only took what they needed, millions of buffalo were the proof. Then came the white man with his thick and empty head. He couldn’t see past his billfold, he wanted all the buffalo dead. So the Indians hid in fear, there were no buffalo to be found. The magic was missing, it looked like some kind of a burialground. It was sad, so sad. But above the canyon walls, strong eyes did glow, it was the leader of the land, The Great White Buffalo! And he found the battered herd, and he led them across the land, with the Great White Buffalo we can make a final stand. So listen everybody to what I got to say, there’s hope for tomorrow if we wake up today. With the Great White Buffalo! 

­—The Great White Buffalo

by Ted Nugent MagicLand Music 1971

Stream of consciousness. Out of body. Pure instinct. Soul cleansed eruption. Knee-jerk, mind-jerk, soul-jerk, spirit-jerk, body-jerk. Mind over matter. Baggage free. Stressless. Born to be wild. Running wild and free.

I believe with all my heart and soul that the above paragraph, as well as the opening paragraph of this here little Nuge ditty represents a darn good overview guiding force for ultimate quality of life. That’s what I believe.

And when one of God’s miraculous creatures created in His own image and likeness gets to the core of it all, us humans can pull off some pretty miraculous stuff of our own.

I give you deer, backstraps, sunrises, weather, the rut, the mystical flight of the arrow and life itself.

As I gather my killer band and crew for our 2016 Sonic Baptizm tour across America, about to put firebreathing rockout number 6,566 under my gunbelt, I look to the heavens daily thanking The Great Creator for this amazing gift.

At the tender age of 67.6, fueled by The Great Spirit of the Wild and a lifetime of sacred, hard earned backstraps, I am here to tell you that our precious, perfect hunting lifestyle provides us with much more than just sport, recreation, trophies and meat.

The ultimate gift I received from God is the good sense to intelligently prioritize meaningful balance in my life, and there is no more defining balance than the hyper outrage of my kind of rock-n-roll soulmusic and the phenomenal peace and quiet of my bowhunting life.

One is really, really loud and physical, and the other really, really quiet and stealthy.

Having recorded something like 30 albums and authored somewhere around 100 songs, I am convinced that the music flows organically from deep inside me as a direct result of my outdoor lifestyle.

Most importantly it has always been my fascination with and craving for allthings wild that forced me to remain clean and sober my entire life, knowing conclusively that a substance abused reduced level of awareness will surely ruin any attempt to get close to and to kill a critter.

In the studio that day way back in 1971, while tuning up my Gibson Byrdland guitar to record a prepared song, as always, I spontaneously slammed out this killer lick and the band asked what it was. Having never before unleashed this particular guitar pattern, I agreed it was very cool.

I told the guys to follow my direction as we recorded the lick for future reference and we commenced to jam it out with me giving head and hand signals and yelling out chord changes and stops and starts.

I went to the mic and began singing words I had never sang before or had even thought about ever before. I had no idea what I would title the song or what subject matter it would deal with, but because of the intensity and drive of the guitar, bass and drum throttle, the words and vision had a life of their own.

The lyrics at the beginning of this NugeBlog flowed like a spiritual vision, a graphic dream, an honest to God real life experience, as if I was there, ultra-alive on the prairies and plains of Manifestation Destiny galloping alongside Cochise and my BloodBrothers, bow in hand, heeling my trusty painted steed straight into the stampeding herd of nostril flaring, wild eyed bison.

The original recording of this incredible song/vision was captured take one on our Tooth, Fang and Claw album and is to this day one of my most popular and most requested songs ever.

Amazingly, I had never read anything about the Native American legend of the great white buffalo, but according to the many tribes I have worked and hunted with all these years, the song nails precisely the legend of hope of my Native American BloodBrothers, and I believe all of mankind.

Being one with my guitar, one with my band, one with my music and one with The Great Spirit is an inseparable parallel to being one with the earth and her creatures that defines the pureness of the natural hunting lifestyle.

Every song I have ever created, every recording I have ever performed, came about following a very recent, natural outdoor high.

Forever during our annual pre-tour rehearsals, my amazing band and I are daily jamming our hearts out on a setlist of killer songs. In between jam sessions we shoot guns, bows and arrows and chowdown around a campfire on venison rocketfuel for the mind, body and soul.

No wonder our music and concerts are the best there is.

Clean and sober, tuned in, passionate, prioritized, focused, soul cleansed, cocked, locked and ready to rock is the only way to go. I don’t care if you’re a teacher, a cop, a welder, a carpenter, a mechanic or a guitar player, I’m telling you this is the recipe for the ultimate American Dream. I supply the soundtrack!

Hope to see my backstrap BloodBrothers out there across America this summer for some Sonic Baptizm soulmusic outrage. The Great White Buffalo is coming to a town near you and he is ready to rock!

Aguila Cup, Texas Armament




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