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August 25, 2016
PIKE on the Edge
August 25, 2016

Passion is as Passion Does

A nd so we meet again my SpiritWild BloodBrothers at the next best thing to a down and dirty honest to God all American, backstrap sizzling hunting family glowing campfire. In case I have failed to do so lately, on behalf of the many millions of dedicated hunting families across the land, thank you Chester Moore for providing this never ending, year-round communication for the sport and lifestyle we so cherish.

On behalf of this old gut pile possessed, spirit obsessed guitarslammin’ backstrapper, I personally thank you for having me be a part of this incredible Texas Fish & Game BloodBrother connection. Who could have ever thunk that the author of Wango Tango and other world-class love songs would possibly qualify to express the heart and soul of our beloved hunting spirit?

Truly God works in mysterious ways. Thank You God!

It is the fiery, powerfully instinctual reasoning predator passion that I wish to elaborate on here, in this edition.

I know a thing or two (everything!) about passion, for it was the exploding, unleashed passion for ferocious guitar driven rock-n-roll and the effervescent mystical flight of the arrow that sucker punched me broadside, upside my little toe-head way back in 1953 or thereabouts when a 5 year old young Ted was struck by the twin lightning bolts from my two-pronged American Dream passions.

I mean C’mon! Born in 1948, reverberating uncontrollably in the blinding glow of the mushroom cloud of Les Paul’s electrification of the guitar and in the Michigan excitement of Fred Bear’s celebration and promotion of bowhunting, how could anyone avoid the splendor and the spectacle?

I type this on my battered laptop at 20,000 feet on my way to another outrageous Sonic Baptism rock-n-roll concert after spending day after day, as always, reveling in the amazing music my killer bandmates Greg Smith and Jason Hartless create every night, spurred on to indescribably intense inspiration from vibrant throngs of music loving audiences every night, and the joys of sharing hunting stories with hunting buddies in every city, every night, all summer long, forever.

When the dust settles on September 4th, 2016, after performing my 6573rd high energy, firebreathing musical rockout, I take home with me not only the phenomenal musical happiness, but just as important, the shared love of our hunting lifestyle from 6573 gatherings backstage, at hotels or restaurants with passionate hunters just like ourselves.

At every concert since my earliest days back in Detroit, the shared passionate love of hunting has permeated my every day.

Our fascination and love affair with wild animals is universal. Our reverence for wildlife and wildground is everywhere.

The ethical dedication to aim small miss small and to kill quickly and humanely is the ubiquitous driving force of hunters everywhere.

The pure instinct of wise use conservation is the mantra of hunters worldwide.

The increasing dedication to recruit new sporters is exciting and gratifying.

The heartbreak and condemnation of soulless animal-rights freaks is palpable and far-reaching.

The exciting increase in “we the people” activism against dishonest and corrupt bureaucrats is refreshing and hopeful.

The joys of experimenting with advances in technology and always-interesting new equipment while retaining the purity of traditional hunting techniques is alive and well.

The increasing awareness of the perfection of wild game as the smartest, healthiest, most nutritious diet and environmentally friendly procedure is encouraging.

So it goes in the summer of 2016 where the rock-n-roll is as good as it gets, and the truth about nature’s tooth, fang and claw honesty throttles on in that not so quiet night.

I don’t know about you, even though it is still early, but as I strap on my gorgeous Gibson Byrdland to rock people into fire-eyed ecstasy, more and more everyday, “I smell fall!”

Passion is as passion does! Passion on!

Aguila Cup, Texas Armament




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