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September 13, 2016
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September 19, 2016 is proud to announce the newest contributing member of the Texas Outdoor Nation-Jeff Stewart.

Jeff will be providing weekly blogs as well as contributing to Texas Fish and Game.

“Jeff is a rough and tough Texan. He’s not politically correct and he is a real outdoors lover, the kind of guy who can go out in the woods with a pocketknife and come out a week later alive and well,” said TF&G Digital Publisher Elliott Donnelly.

“I’ve known Jeff or a number of years and when we wanted to start getting new blood into the site he was the first guy I thought of. Jeff is a talented writer and knows wildlife. He is an exciting addition to and Texas Fish and Game,” said TF&G Editor-In-Chief Chester Moore.


Here’s a little more about Jeff.

*Born in Carthage, TX in 1972.
*Raised in the Sabine River Bottoms.
*Grew up in the woods and on the river. His father started taking him on hunting and fishing trips at six months old.  Wrapping him in a blanket and placing him in his squirrel hunting vest. Jeff was taught to hunt, track and trap by the best woodsmen in East Texas. By age eight he could run a trap line or a trotline as well as most grown men.
*Jeff attended school in Tenaha Tx. Where he excelled in sports and later attended Baptist Christian University on a football scholarship. Jeff also attended The University of Colorado School of Mines where he obtained a Mining Electrical degree.  Jeff is an ordained minister and has advanced studies in Animal Science and as a Veterinary Technician.
*Jeff has appeared on many television and radio programs and was featured on Survivorman Bigfoot with Les Stroud. Jeff has been featured on 4 major networks in such shows as Monsters and Mysteries in America and Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot. 
Jeff lives in deep East Texas where he studies wildlife, raises his family and gives the local feral hog and catfish population serious grief.


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