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September 25, 2016
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September 25, 2016

Thank You, Hunting Brotherhood

I t’s real easy to get caught up in the whirlwind vortex of this stimulating hunting lifestyle, and well we should. Getting caught up means we are deep into it and therefor dedicate ourselves to be the best that we can be at ambushing our families’ meals while performing our stewardship balancing duties.

“We shiver with excitement in preparation for deer season 2016.”

Did I mention that the hunting lifestyle is perfect?

Hunting in its purest form when pursued with all the honesty, intellect and sincerity we can muster is always fun, sport, meat, trophy perfection. It doesn’t get any better than that now does it?

But as I fondle all my sporting goods, review my topo-maps, work on foodplots, check trailcams, put out nutritional supplements, trim shooting lanes, practice diligently my aim small miss small disciplines and intensely strategize my plans in giddy anticipation for what I will surely make the best hunting season of my life, I realize just what sort of amazing effort and brilliant minds have gone before us creating this staggering array of kill assist products and technology.

We all know that our sacred hunting tradition is always ultimately dictated by what is in our hearts, not by what is in our hands. All the incredibly advanced technology on earth will be of no use to any hunter that doesn’t invest heart and soul thought, woodsmanship skills, animal respect and understanding and genuine dedication to clever, time proven hunting techniques.

That being said, we can all celebrate enthusiastically the state of art gear we have at our disposal to assist us in this the greatest of sports.

I’ve got a whole bunch of handsome critters on my walls and in my glowing memory bank that were killed with my original old fashioned longbows and recurves zinging heavy 600 grain Port Orford cedar arrows at a blistering 150 feet per second!

When I started bowhunting with my dad in the mystical Up North Michigan deerwoods, there were no camouflage clothing choices to choose from. We wore wonderful, heavy, soft, ultra-quiet plaid wool shirts and corduroy pants in earth-tone shades.

No one ever heard of a treestand or a commercial groundblind. We just piled up a makeshift groundblind out of woodland debris. And you know what, it all worked pretty darn good and provided a totally fulfilling hunt every time, deer or no deer.

As we shiver with excitement in preparation for deer season 2016, I think we can all agree that the state of our sporting goods world is the most exciting it has ever been in our lifetime.

So on behalf of all my fellow sporters out here, thank you thank you thank you to all the mad scientists of the sporting goods industry for your relentless pursuit of perfection and creativity, for providing us all with the most amazing sporting goods selection we could have ever dreamed of.

You people ROCK!

The clothing we have available today is mindblowing to say the least.

The average ammo we grab off the shelf is the most accurate, hardest hitting, most reliable ammo ever.

All us gun nuts rejoice the astonishing efficiency of modern firearms.

Our bows and arrows and broadheads and all accessories are so phenomenally good it is hard to believe anyone could possibly improve on them.

But you can bet they sure will!

Optics, boots, knives, rangefinders, trailcams, treestands, safety harnesses, groundblinds, calls, scents, nutritional supplements, foodplot mixes, very imaginable accessory or piece of equipment is available and state of the art.

I don’t think I have ever heard a hunting buddy say; “Boy, I sure wish somebody would make…”

Say you’re on a trip far away from your hunting grounds but you want to know upcoming weather conditions and wind direction and check your trailcam pictures. No problem. There is an app for all that!

Let’s all hear it for the wonderment of American capitalism and the quality control driven competition that drives it.

Our hunting success will always depend on clever hunting strategies. But it sure is a lot more fun and interesting when such phenomenal quality gear is at our disposal to pick and choose from.

A huge Nuge THANK YOU to all you innovators and inventors out there. This hunt is for you.

Aguila Cup, Texas Armament




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