Texas Forecast Piney Woods – Caddo Lake: Jackson’s Arm and Alligator Bayou

Texas Forecast Upper Coast – West Matagorda Bay: Cottons Bayou
September 29, 2016

Location: Caddo Lake

Hotspot: Jackson’s Arm and Alligator Bayou

GPS:    N 32 43.1699, W94 5.4359

(32.7195, -94.0906)

Species: Largemouth Bass

Best Baits: Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and swimbaits

Contact: Caddo Lake Guide Service/Paul Keith


[email protected]


Tips: “Fall time is beginning this month and as the water cools the bass will begin to feed much more and school up. Any type baits listed above in light or shad colors work well. Watch for shad grouped up along the grass edges and you will find the bass.”


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