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Successful wade fishing depends a lot on how you dress, says Galveston fishing guide, Paul Marcaccio. Wearing apparel that can be seen under water from more than a few feet can penalize you by spooking the fish.

Additionally, the wrong apparel can be downright dangerous, especially in waters with deep holes or along the fringes of cuts and channels or in areas where very soft mud can become dangerous bottom.

Don’t wear clothing that will reflect light. A person all decked out in white clothing can really spook fish, especially speckled trout, in shallow water. Instead wear any dark colored pants. When wet, these materials will make your legs look like posts.

It’s not at all wise to wade fish bare legged. Long pants will protect your legs from hooks, fins and jellyfish. Guys that wade in shorts, spend a lot of time in the boat, recovering from the sting of those pesky critters.

Wading boots…make sure they are at least one to two sizes larger. This is especially true if hip boots are worn. They can quickly fill with water and will practically anchor you to the bottom.

Never wade alone. Wade in teams of at least two fishermen. You can really cover more water and when you find those speckled trout or redfish, you can hold them for a time.

The very worst way to wade fish is to go bare footed. Instead of going bare foot, wear very lightweight tennis shoes. It’s very important that these shoes can be easily kicked off if you happen to slip into water over your head and be faced with a situation of having to swim for shore.

Wear a life jacket. No exception. Swim with the current till released, then to shore.

Always walk with a shuffle to feel the ground ahead so you can dodge holes and avoid slipping off the edge of cuts and channels.

Another important aspect of wade fishing is to always let someone know just where you plan to fish. Your family and friends can use this to start a search for you, if you fail to arrive in a timely fashion.


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