Rutting Buck Breaks into House

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October 18, 2016
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October 20, 2016

According to KJAS, Jasper Police were quite startled when they located a burglary suspect early Sunday afternoon.

“According to Chief Gerald Hall, Officers Jimmy Neel and Gary Pullen were sent to the Myrtis Village Apartments when a man called 911 and reported that someone had just broken his living-room window and was inside his apartment. Meanwhile, he told the dispatcher that he had armed himself with a knife and was hiding until police arrived.”

What police found when they arrived was not a burglar but a whitetail buck that had busted through the window and was now tearing up the bathroom.

The officer was able to grab the buck by the antlers and direct it outside.

The buck was no doubt enraged from the rut which is hitting southern east Texas at the moment and a break-in is strange but this is not the first one.

A few years back a buck fought with its reflection in the glass of a K-Mart store on the Texas coast. The buck smashed right through the window and scared patrons who got a little more than they bargained for.

Last year a deer in Indiana broke into a home and jumped on a bed. This one was captured on video.

Rutting bucks are extremely driven animals that at times will fight with anything, including their own reflections and sometimes it gets even stranger.

Two men in Whitehouse, TX were attacked by a deer in their yard. They retreated to a truck but one of the men couldn’t get the door closed fast enough and the deer came in.

“All the excitement must have left the prickly buck with a nicotine craving, as it then climbed in the truck through the driver’s-side door and stole Rose’s pack of cigarettes off the console,” according to a report from Texas monthly.

We tend to think of deer as tranquil, peaceful creatures but sometimes they do go buck wild.


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