November 25, 2016
November 25, 2016

Ruger Knives Crafted by Texan

Designed by Robert Carter, a Hillister, Texas-based craftsman with deep family ties and a rich knife making tradition, the 2-Stage is part of the exclusive CRKT/ Ruger knife collection. The series includes designs for everyday carry, hunting, tactical and survival uses with knives varying in size and finish.

The 2-Stage is a no-nonsense, tactical folder featuring a black, stonewashed tanto blade and a machined, hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel handle. A unique 4-position clip allows the knife to be custom fit to individual carrying preference, while the 2-Stage adds a frame lock for safety and blade flipper for quick, easy deployment. 

With lines that honor the tradition of the Ruger Precision Rifle, the 2-Stage is offered in full-size and compact models with options for full fine-edge or serrated blades.  All 2-Stage knives feature a pommel punch/glass breaker to help aid in emergency situations.

The manufacturers suggested retail price is $69 – $79.


Winged Hyper-Glide Hunts for Fish

The New Hyper-Glide lure by ACME Tackle Company offers several techniques and features for anglers but perhaps the most unique one is that the lure’s “wings” deploy when the lures falls- causing it to glide and search out wide areas beneath them. These same wings “flutter” when jigged or shaked vertically, looking just like pulsating gills, and also emit fish attracting noise for unprecedented action and attraction.

The Hyper-Glide literally covers water like no other but ice angers will appreciate the incorporated VDrop System (VDS).  VDS prevents wing-deployment and ensures a FAST vertical drop to get back to fish fast.  VDS also keeps the lure in the SONAR cone of a flasher or locator which allows anglers to see right where the lure needs to be in the water column.  Once the correct depth is reached, a simple sharp snap “releases” the line from the VDrop System, and the wings again deploy.  

No batteries are required for wing-deployment, these baits are WATER-POWERED!  They’re effective for both ice and open water fishing and provide an action that fish simply haven’t seen before and a variety of applications that anglers never thought possible.

Available in 10 colors and 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 2.5-inch models.

For more information go to:

Light Up Your Wade

Hydro Glow Fishing Lights, known worldwide for its high quality 12v fishing lights, is very excited about its new line of lights designed specifically for gigging flounder.  They offer two models for wading.

The WM10 WadeMaster features a high output 10w LED for superb illumination underwater.  The WM10 is a little over 4’ long. The WM10 is constructed of rigid anodized and powder coated aluminum to prevent corrosion and strong enough to withstand the rigors of flounder gigging.  It has a conveniently located on/off switch on the end, an adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy for using both hands when needed.  The WM10 is powered by 4 AA batteries so there is no need to drag that battery around any more.

The Wademaster 5 is a little shorter and a little lighte, making it easy to handle for some women and even kids.  It features the same rigid construction as the WM10 but with a somewhat smaller 5 watt light.  With a suggested retail price of just $99.95 it is a deal.

You can pick up your WadeMaster at Roy’s in Corpus Christi, Tackle Town in Rockport, Ace Hardware is Port Lavaca and Rockport, Marburgers, Academy Sports and coming to Cabela’s in January.

For more information call 877-895-4569, email at [email protected], or ask for them at your local tackle supplier.

Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener

The Combo Knife Sharpener is designed to be their fastest and easiest sharpener yet. It combines powered flexible abrasive belt technology with a manual ceramic honing rod.

Work Sharp’s Combo sharpens pocket knives, hunting knives, serrated knives, kitchen knives and more. It uses precision sharpening and honing guides to get the perfect angle every time making it very fast and easy. Restore a dull knife to a perfect ‘as sharp as new’ edge with ease and repeatability. 

For more information visit their website,

Help Your SUV Throw More Shade

Experience more enjoyment from your everyday outdoor adventures with the new Sportz Cove. The Sportz Cove is a compact, lightweight awning which attaches to the back of your SUV or minivan. It provides shade and shelter while on-the-go for any adventure. 

The universal attachment sleeve seamlessly connects to your mid to full-size SUV creating additional shade and comfort, making it the ultimate vehicle accessory. The compact and lightweight package is perfect to keep behind the seat for any unexpected adventure! The Sportz Cove is perfect for tailgating, traveling, fishing, beaching, and even lounging at a picnic. The Sportz Cove fits a variety of mid to full-size SUV and minivan models ranging from a Honda CRV to Cadillac Escalade. Suggested retail price for the Sportz Cove is $139.99USD/$149.99CAD. For more information, visit or call (800) 567-2434. 

Napier is the world’s largest developer and distributor of Vehicle Camping Tents. Since 1990, Napier has been changing the way people view camping, by reshaping and merging the automotive and outdoor industries together. We were the first to revolutionize the camping industry with our innovative and exciting vehicle tent concepts. 

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