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December 25, 2016
December 25, 2016

New Kayak Service

M atagorda has long been known for great kayak fishing, and now it has a business that offers kayak fishing rental, instruction, and guide service.

Matagorda Adventure Company started in March 2016 with new Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 kayaks, Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks, life jackets, Warner paddles, dry bags, and trolley anchor systems to rent. Kayak fishing enthusiasts.

Clay and Christy Bishop own and manage Matagorda Adventure Company. They are certified by The American Red Cross in Wilderness First Aid and CPR They are Level 3 Sit on Top Coastal Kayak Instructors with the American Canoe Association. In addition, they are licensed by Texas Parks & Wildlife as fishing guides for paddle craft. 

Christy recommends that people who have never been kayaking, but would like to become kayak anglers, begin by taking their Quick Start class. In the class the new kayaker will learn proper form and technique, which will give him or her the ability to safely cover long distances and paddle in various conditions. The class costs $75 and kayak rental for the class is $35.

When you are comfortable with paddling, it is time to take up kayak fishing. The best way to do this is to book a guided trip with Clay and Christy. Christy suggests that you use their rods, reels, and tackle when you go on your guided kayak fishing trip because they provide the proper equipment, and rig it correctly.

They can also offer advice about what fishing equipment to buy. They do not sell fishing equipment, but do sell fishing shirts and t-shirts, bug spray, and sun screen. Fishing equipment, kayak, life jacket, paddle, and anchor system are included on a guided trip. An all-day guided kayak fishing trip costs $350 for two people and two additional people can come for $50 each (maximum of four people).

Even though Clay and Christy have only been offering kayak fishing services in Matagorda for a little less than a year, they have satisfied customers returning and using their services. Their Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor pages all have five star ratings.

For the kayak angler who does not own or want to own a kayak, Matagorda Adventure Company will deliver your kayak and accessories to the location and time of your choice and pick them up when you are finished.

The rental fee is $40 for a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 kayak for a half day, or $55 for a full day or $55 for a half day and $70 for a full day for a Hobie Mirage pedal drive kayak. If you rent a house and stay in  Matagorda for several days, Clay and Christy will deliver kayaks to the house and extend a discount for multiple day rentals.

The Matagorda Adventure Company web site is: The website is very thorough, showing paddling trails including GPS coordinates, photos, videos, explanations of classes, rentals, guiding services, and other useful kayak fishing information.

In the month of January Clay and Christy suggest kayak fishing at Three Mile Lake, or Parker’s Cut when the tide is moving.

One of my favorite kayak fishing memories took place in Parker’s cut in the winter. It was on a foggy day, and the tide was moving in. The water was very clear and 62°F. As I approached a bayou that was about 20 feet wide, I saw splashes, swirls, redfish tails, and little shrimp jumping. I cast a gold spoon beyond the activity, brought it back quickly, and kept my rod tip high to make the spoon run in the shallow water without getting hung up on weeds or oysters.

The swirling spoon went past the redfish and the fight was on. Then it repeated two more times. Two of the reds were 23 inches and one was 24 inches.

My wife and I paddled Three Mile Lake one January when the wind was blowing strong from the north and the water temperature was in the 50s. We found lots of flounders, albeit little flounders. We had to work our Norton Sand Eel soft plastic lures very slowly over the bottom. Nearly every cast we got a bite or hooked up. It was fun. We put all but one back because they were undersized. The larger males and the mature females go offshore in the winter, so we had found where the juvenile flounders were on that January day.

If you are an experienced kayak angler, have a look at the kayak fishing launch spots shown on Matagorda Adventure Company’s website. You will find some fishing spots that will intrigue you. If you are a beginner, take advantage of the services that Clay and Christy offer to help you enjoy your kayak fishing experience even more.


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Three Mile Lake is also called Spring Lake. It used to be three miles from the vehicle entrance to the beach near the Matagorda jetties, but now the entrance has changed, and it is 1.2 miles east of the entrance to the beach. Don’t even try to get back there without a four wheel drive vehicle. You can see an aerial photo of this spot on Matagorda Adventure Company’s website. You will find that one lake goes south, another southwest, and a third is on the west side and goes south into East Matagorda Bay. Bank anglers as well as kayak anglers will find this a good place to fish in January because the water is a foot or two deeper. Therefore it’s a little warmer than most of East Matagorda Bay, and that attracts fish.


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