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December 25, 2016
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December 25, 2016

The Politics of Hunting

P olitics! Bah Humbug! I’ve heard it over and over again and again for so many years.

“That Nugent is just too damn political!”

What a terrible shame that any American can reference politics as anything negative, when in fact American politics in this sacred experiment in self-government is purely and simply we the people demanding Constitutional accountability from our elected employees.

Got that? Experiment in self-government!

It is worth repeating especially in this glorious, ever-loving hunter heaven Texas Fish & Game environment.

Write this down, embrace it, memorize it, live it, breathe it, celebrate it, promote it, demand it, and by all means, as all real Americans have a moral, intellectual, patriotic and spiritual obligation to do so, make sure you all DO IT! 

“American politics is purely and simply we the people demanding Constitutional accountability from our elected employees.”

Period. End of story. Case closed. Finis! Excelsior! DUH!

To keep things in Uncle Ted backstrap-fever deer season 2016/17 perspective, it is indeed the mighty, celebratory, magical, glorious rut in many regions. It is indeed the ultimate deer hunting time in North America and certainly Texas. And I am confident that like me and my family and friends, it is being celebrated with every ounce of energy we can possibly muster in deer camps nationwide.

But most importantly here today as we continue to celebrate this pivotal and earthshattering American presidential election, and we, glory, glory Hallelujah, God bless America, we the good people of America finally have a victorious Republican President elect in one defiant, status quo crushing, establishment sucker punching, roustabout, street fighting, hell raising Donald J. Trump.

Rejoice like you mean it my friends, rejoice sincerely that today, American hunters and gun owners now have a real friend in the White House, and to each and every American that did the right thing and voted for Donald J. Trump, I sincerely thank you and heartily SALUTE you!

Much evidence points to the upgrade in hunter rich Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania from blue states to red states that won it for Trump.

I was there. I saw it. I felt it and I damn well fought relentlessly for it. In all those states with the highest hunting license sales, we the sporters of America put all the pettiness aside and voted our conscience and kicked down the ugly blue wall.

That’s how that works. We the people paying attention, identifying the runaway criminal corruption and abuse of power by our elected employees, and stepping up to the plate to take action to correct the wrongs.

Nicely done. Rather late in the game, but better late than never.

We hunters and gun owners have some very serious quality of life, pursuit of happiness flesh in the game. It is indeed all politics all the time that determine our hunting laws and regulations. It is pure politics that determine just how infringed our God given, individual, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms will be.

In those states that dare waste our tax dollars hiring so called sharpshooters to slaughter our deer is a direct, tragic result of our abject failure to perform our we the people political duties.

In the otherwise great Republic of Texas it is the travesty of a Texas Parks and Wildlife gang of dishonest bureaucrats that violate their constitutional oath and dare to criminally slaughter private deer herds hiding and lying behind the dastardly junk-science scam of chronic wasting disease.

In those states where we cannot keep and bear arms un-infringed, it is a tragic, disastrous result of our “we the people’s” abject failure to demand oath keeping from our elected employees.

In those states where we are overwhelmed with unreasonable, non-science, ridiculous over-regulation, it is directly due to the fact that apathy infests our society, and most embarrassingly, in our apathetic, fragmented, disconnected hunting/conservation community.

When we the people slack off at our responsibilities, Fedzilla has proven time and time again and again that big government goons will always do the wrong thing.

So, though we did good in this presidential election, now we can at least temporarily get back to our hunting lifestyle celebration. Let us hunt with renewed vigor and focus. Let us recharge those batteries to the max, and cleanse our souls in preparation to get political like we mean it, like we’ve never been so political in our lives before.

With our friend Donald J. Trump at the keel, it will be up to all of us to get America back on its proper True North compass setting ASAP.

We the people who truly care must get back our 2nd Amendment rights nationwide. We the people who know and care must now get back our proper science based hunting, fishing, trapping and all conservation rights back where they belong; in the hands of we the people.

Now is not the time to take it easy or take it for granted. Hunters and gun owners are a major political force to reckon with as long as we wield that power properly and effectively.

Any hunter or gun owner that fails to perform their American we the people responsibilities and vote constitutionally has failed miserably at true Americanism.

Do not let up. Our job is never done. We must now more than ever maintain constant, relentless pressure on our mayors, senators, congressmen, state reps, governors and president to be constitutionally accountable.

We can and must still hunt like we mean it. Celebrate a wonderful victory like you mean it. Be the proper we the people political force we are supposed to be like you mean it.

God bless American hunting families everywhere. God bless America!

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