Monster Hogs Caught on Camera

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February 16, 2017
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February 21, 2017

Hunting Shots of Feral Giants

Last year we published photos of monster hogs Texas Fish & Game readers have captured on their game cameras, and we are looking for more submissions.

These should inspire hog hunters to get out there and bag the big ones. Perhaps everything is bigger in Texas.

If you have photos of massive hogs, email them to us at [email protected] You can check out more giant hogs at

If you missed the story last year, check out come of the monster hog photos we received in the story below.

Blaine Garcia took this massive spotted hog that looks more than just a little mean to us.

Seventeen-year-old Caroline Wahl shot these two brutes near Willow City.

Lint Jerrels sent this photo of a big hog with absolutely massive tusks he took while hunting in Florida.

Is this a hog or a rhino? What a mutant! Tyler Clines shows a true monster he and his crew caught.

Brady Green submitted this shot of an awesome looking pig that shows its European roots.

Cody Robbins’s photo isn’t the clearest but we had to show you this huge Eurasian-looking boar with the thick coat. A hog of a lifetime!

This photo was submitted by Abrama Moya. The hog was taken near Childress and weighed 470 pounds!

Kim Billman shows off a very impressive hog taken near Montalba.

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