AAC Ti-RANT 9M Suppressor Review

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AAC TiRant 9m in long configuration

The second generation AAC Ti-RANT 9M is a modular and lightweight 9mm suppressor that is also quite quiet.

I like options.  Sure a suppressor is mainly supposed to make your firearm quieter.  But it’s great when you also have a few options as well.  The updated AAC Ti-RANT 9M has a few features worth looking over.

AAC TiRant 9m in long configuration

First – the primary feature – modularity.  You can shoot the Ti-RANT in two configurations.  Either a full sized 8” or 5.84” in short mode.  Of course shooting it in the full, long configuration will be quieter with the three extra baffles, but short is sweet as well.  And the best part is it only takes about a minute to reconfigure the can, and you can still do it while it’s mounted on your firearm! (not recommended for obvious safety reasons).
For the size, the Ti-RANT is lightweight at 9.5oz or 7.75oz depending on configuration.  As the “Ti” implies it boasts of a titanium tube.  Inside are aluminum baffles cutting down on more weight.  Of course being aluminum and titanium it’s not nearly as easy to clean as throwing baffles in an ultrasonic cleaner like you can with stainless steel so there is the trade off.  My only complaint is that the baffle design is quiet complex and confusing being that there are 5 different types of baffles which must be assembled in order and particular alignment but that leads us to the final point:
It is quiet.  Impressively quiet.  Which is probably worth the extra hassle of having to consult the owners manual every time you reassemble the baffles in the Ti-RANT.  Silencer Shop lists it as having a 33db reduction in long configuration 23 in short.  Either way subsonic 9mm ammo was hearing safe.
If you want a modular, lightweight, and quiet 9mm can, consider the Ti-RANT 9m.  It retails for $799 but Silencer Shop will always have the best price so check it out here.


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