March 25, 2017
March 25, 2017

Sabine’s Hotspots

W armer air and water temperatures are gradually becoming the rule rather than the exception as the spring season slowly but surely begins to take hold of the Texas Gulf Coast.

With the arrival of April, anglers across this great state are being blessed with more and more opportunities for targeting trout, redfish and flounder. For those of us who fish the upper coast, and in particular, here on Sabine Lake, we are no longer limited to the main lake and other areas north of Sabine Pass.

Through the grapevine, we are beginning to hear sporadic reports of nice stringers from the jetties and the Sabine Neches Waterway. The shoreline from LNG to the old jetties is some of the best real estate on the entire coast. Its bottom contour is made up of a perfect blend of sand, mud shell and riprap which provides plenty of protection for baitfish, and the predators are numerous.

Trout, redfish, and flounders move onto the shallow shoreline in pursuit of the abundant forage. There they will stuff themselves full of mullet, shad, shrimp and crab. Keeping the boat in about seven feet of water and fan casting parallel with and towards the bank should present the most opportunity for strikes.

The early morning top-water bite is good and will continue to improve as we progress through this month. If you fish the tail end of an incoming tide or a nice outgoing tide you should be in the money. Walking the dog in two to five feet of water with big topwater plugs like Super Spooks and She Dogs should produce some impressive blowups.

Soft plastics rigged on 1/4 ounce lead heads will also produce good results Trout, reds and flounders will feed aggressively when the spring tides push the green water into the channel and will gladly accept offerings such as H&H Cocahoe Minnows, Saltwater Assassins and Zoom Super Flukes. Good spring colors are glow, pumpkin, chartreuse and limetreuse.

Another high percentage area should be from Greens Bayou south to Blue Buck Point. This is a prime bait and fish holding area in early spring. Hungry trout and redfish will cruise this shoreline looking for an easy meal as the bait fish make their way around Blue Buck Point with the incoming tide.

Plastics rigged on 1/4 ounce lead heads or under a popping cork will get good results. Pop this setup aggressively to get their attention and entice them to strike.

The flounder bite should also be gaining momentum as big numbers are making their way back into the bay. Slowly dragging finger mullet or mud minnows is always a good option, but curl tail grubs like GULP! Swimming Mullet will also get serious results.

Great places to start are the points on either side of the mouths of the bayous on the eastern side of the lake or around the causeway bridge when you target these tasty flatfish. Focus your efforts in two to five feet of water and you should be in business.


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Location: North Revetment Road (Pleasure Island)

Species: Trout, reds, flounder

Baits/Lures: Topwaters, plastics, live shrimp

Best Times: Mornings and evenings


Email Eddie Hernandez at [email protected]

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