The Hog Poison Debate is Heating Up

Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Field Notes
March 9, 2017
The Poison Truth
March 14, 2017

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller  has announced a rule change in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) that classifies a warfarin-based hog lure as a state-limited-use pesticide. 

The pesticide, “Kaput Feral Hog Lure,” is the first toxicant to be listed specifically for use in controlling the feral hog population and represents a new weapon in the long-standing war on the destructive feral hog population according an agency press release.

“This solution is long overdue. Wild hogs have caused extensive damage to Texas lands and loss of income for many, many years,” Commissioner Miller said. 

“With the introduction of this first hog lure, the ‘Hog Apocalypse’ may finally be on the horizon.”

Texas Fish and Game has been following the issue closely with a feature coming in the April issue and Jeff Stewart leading the charge with his posts “Poison Pork” and “More on Hog Poison” here on

While you can tune in here for updates on the various legal maneuverings, etc. Texas Fish and Game is committed to looking at this issue in terms of the potential long-term impact.

Be looking for a big announcement on the hog issue coming from us soon. This is an important issue that needs our full attention.

We cover more on hogs than any other monthly publication and will continue to move forward with hog coverage and in this case a topic that has implications for all wildlife.

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