Check Out SilencerCo’s Original Short Film, Harvested: Dialed In

Air Gun Hogs and Exotics
March 2, 2017
More on Hog Poison
March 2, 2017

In this SilencerCo original short film, Harvested: Dialed In chronicles the hunting experiences of BMX Gold Medalist Morgan Wade and SilencerCo’s own Darren Jones as they pursue predators together in a hunt way out in the wilderness. The duo hunts with Tri-State Outfitters guide Bridger Petrinni in harsh outdoor conditions. Among the failures and successes that their hunting pursuits bring, this group of outdoorsmen learn valuable lessons in the field from their experiences.   

“The best way to learn anything, no matter what you’re doing, is by making mistakes,” said Wade. Morgan brings the same commitment to hunting as he does to BMX, always striving to learn from mishaps and improve for the next go around. This attitude is put into action in Harvested : Dialed In.


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