EDITOR’S NOTES by Chester Moore
April 25, 2017
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves
April 25, 2017

Refuges and Conservation

I agree with you; we need more land preserved for wildlife. Call them Refuges, Wildlife Management Areas, Parks, National Forests, Conservation Easements, fill in the blank…. And while we are at it we should demand that the state or federal agencies allow more public access!


Michael Robbins

Chester Moore accepts the Outdoor Legacy Award from TOWA’s David Sikes.

Thanks for your last editorial which recognizes the benefit of National Wildlife Refuges to the outdoor, hunting community. I remember your support years ago for our developing Neches River National Wildlife Refuge on the Neches River between Cherokee and Anderson Counties.

Thanks for what you do for outdoors in Texas.

Michael Banks

Chester-great “tip of the iceberg” article, sort of like throwing an exploratory top water.

I hope it gets people’s minds in gear and quite frankly should have its own. I learned during my two “tours” at SFASU School of Forestry (= Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture) in Nacogdoches during the 80s that conservation was generally defined as:  The wise use and management of resources.

The word “management” is key to the definition; just using resources without consideration for the impacts and mitigation of those impacts is irresponsible. Conversely, “wise use” does imply forethought in the application of use. However, I think the implication would be lost on our target audience.

And, if the best course of action is “do nothing,” such a decision is still a management decision with its own outcomes, challenges and implications for future uses.

Jim Gregory

Editor: It is my opinion we have listened to the wrong voices on conservation at some levels and that we need to reevaluate. My “awakening” on the issue so to speak when I realized when it came to reservoir construction versus refuges the government would own the property anyway. Wise use is a must and it is something we will promote here in Texas Fish and Game.

TOWA Honors TF&G Editor-In-Chief

Texas Fish & Game Magazine Editor-In-Chief Chester Moore of Orange is the recipient of the first Mossy Oak Outdoor Legacy Award.

This award is given to a Texas Outdoor Writers Association member whose career has helped to recruit young people into the outdoors while promoting the conservation of natural resources.

Through radio, videos, books, storytelling and youth programs, Moore has encouraged kids to explore nature. Perhaps most notably, Chester and his wife Lisa operate the Kingdom Zoo: Wildlife Center in Orange, TX a facility dedicated to children’s wildlife education. 

In 2016, the facility hosted about 3,000 visitors, mostly children.

Burney Brown, Executive Director

Texas Outdoor Writers Association

Minn Kota



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