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April 17, 2017
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April 18, 2017

With more and more people carrying a concealed weapon, the need for smaller tactical lights and lasers has been an issue.  It is very easy to find a weapon mounted light and laser system for your full size Glock or 1911.  However, the light and laser systems for the sub compacts were lacking in every aspect.  Now I feel as though these issue have been addressed.

Streamlight produced the TLR-6 to meet his need head on.  It is available for the most popular models of subcompact pistols, such as Glock 42,43, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, KAHR Arms, Sig Sauer and the Kimber Micro.
The TLR-6 is a very effective weapon mounted light that is both compact and affordable.

It is a combination system that integrates a white light and a red laser.  The unit mounts on the trigger guard and is housed in a black plastic case.  The TLR-6 doesn’t over power the pistol and still maintains the flow and appearance of the gun.


  • It runs on a pair of CR1/3N batteries.
  • The C4 LED is rated at 100 Lumens
  • Run Time- 1 hr LED/Laser Combo, or 11 hr run time with laser only.
  • Removable cover makes the light easy to attach and detach.
  • It is lightweight- with batteries – 1.3 ounces.
  • Operating Temp -20F to +120 F.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Length- 2.3”
  • Width- .85”

Ok, let’s dive into the actual nuts and bolts of the TLR-6.

The red laser is great for the size of the unit in relation to the size of the weapon.  It is fairly bright and works great for this application.  The CON to smaller red laser is, you will have a hard time seeing it on a sunny day or bright conditions.

I personally prefer green lasers, but it is not an option on the TLR-6 as of yet.

To operate the TLR-6, there is a single button on either side of the body of the light.  The buttons are fairly large which are easily engaged and obvious when you touch it.

If you hold one button down and press the opposite, the TLR-6 will cycle through the modes- laser only, light only or light/laser combo.

Installing the TLR-6 is very basic and easy.  You open the battery compartment and remove the batteries.

Remove 3 small screws that hold the body of the light together.

Now that you have 2 sides, you simply fit each side onto the trigger guard.

Story by Shane Smith


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