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June 29, 2017
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July 3, 2017

Maybe it’s just me drooling over the movie “Assassins” back in the day, but there is just something extra cool about integrally suppressed firearms.

There is an advantage to integrally suppressed rifles.  First being a shorter overall length.  While normally you begin with a 16” barrel to avoid a $200 infringement tax, most integrally suppressed rifles end at 16”.  The next advantage is volume. Detachable suppressors attempt to be compact, while integral suppressors have the opportunity to be larger therefore making them quieter.  And I’ll go ahead state the obvious that integral suppressors are married to their hosts.  This GEMTECH Integra will only ever fire 300 Blackout.

My first impression was that the Integra was a little hefty and thick.  But hey – it has to be since the full blown suppressor is concealed under the Seekins Handguard.  The suppressor tube itself is welded to the Nemo Arms Titanium gas block that gives the illusion of a 6” long barrel.  However the Integra really has a 10” long barrel protruding into the can utilizing that extra volume to reduce blowback and cut down on noise.  However the trade off for this large monocore suppressor is a noticeably louder first round pop.

GEMTECH claimed that their finely tuned gas block eliminated blowback.  My own 300BLK SBR with a mil-spec gas block will sure make you blink from the gas in rapid-fire mode.  So I tested this with supersonic 150 grain rounds and didn’t get even a hint of blowback in my face.  Impressive.  I wonder how the 5.56/.223 version fairs in this regard.

Finally an informal test of accuracy was also pleasing even though I lost zero with my Meopta scope when the rifle fell off of my new Pig saddle tripod mount.  However with a quick hold 6” right I was back on target with the new G3 Targets CNC gridded plates.  After finding I had a small clustered group in the plate with the 187 Gemtech ammo I even nailed a golf ball with the appropriate hold from 98 yards.  Pretty cool!

The Integra is a solid, reliable, and accurate system.  Even though it includes a BCG and charging handle the $2,000 price tag is difficult for me to justify.   However if you think it’s worth it, we all know that Silencer Shop is the best place to order it:

Story by Dustin Ellermann


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