GoGauge: Light the Reload

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June 13, 2017
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June 20, 2017

This new GoGauge gadget is pretty cool, it’s a LED follower for your shotgun in order to light the loading port.

GoGauge replaces your shotgun loading magazine follower with a Dupont Delrin follower internally equipped with a Smart LED light.  Delrin is an ultra slick, self lubricating material, that is resistant to impact, chemicals, and heat. I would gladly replace my 3 Gun Benelli with one. Upon the movement of recoil and movement of shells dropping into the chamber the GoGauge will display a blinking red LED light helping you know where to load.  This draws your attention to the loading port, lights the chamber in case there is a problem, and even gives you enough light to confirm you are loading a shell in the right direction.

The GoGauge fits any of the following:

• Mossberg 500 Series

• Mossberg 590 Series

• Mossberg 590A1 Series

• Mossberg 835 Series

• Mossberg 930 Series

• Remington 870 Series

• Remington 1100 Series

• Remington 1187 Series

• Maverick 88 Series

• Kel-Tec KSG

You might be thinking – what if the bad guys see me?  Eh, maybe.  Especially if they have night vision.  Then you are screwed.  But for a low light 3 gun match, or even night hog hunting, this sucker would rock!  Plus it looks awesome.

The GoGauge is rated for over 200,000 activations and has a 2 year warranty.  You will probably wear out your shotgun before you run out of battery power.

I think the GoGauge is a pretty nifty gadget and if you use my code “TopShot” it will only run you $15, and if you buy two it should even qualify for free shipping.  It’s almost just as affordable as a factory replacement follower with no fancy LED lights.  You can order one at http://www.gogaugetactical.com


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