Cop Drops Rifle Wielding Suspect with a Single 25-Yard Pistol Shot (Warning: Graphic Content)

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July 18, 2017
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Warning: graphic content. Users will need to sign into YouYube to view.

While the majority of shootouts that we see consist of several rounds fired, here is one that ended with a further than average single shot.

Here we see video footage from Charlotte, NC where mentally unstable suspect Iaroslav Mosiiuk comes out of a house with a rifle when police were responding to Iaroslav’s sisters 911 call.  Iaroslav had threatened to commit suicide and had armed himself with his fiancé’s rifle.

Officer Brian Walsh responded along with Officer Dezenso when at the 1:15 mark in the video you hear Officer Dezenso yell “Gun, gun gun!” and both officers retreat into the street in separate directions.  From the body cam footage you see Iaroslav in the yard looking toward Officer Dezenso’s position and at 1:28 Officer Walsh fires one shot with his Glock sidearm at a distance of about 25 yards and Iarslav instantly falls.

This incident is interesting and rare since most shootings tend to be close, quick, and have several more rounds fired.  I have attended several law enforcement range qualifications and 25 yards is the maximum distance in those trainings, and usually past that distance you have other options, but in this case Officer Walsh kept a clear head and smooth trigger to stop the threat.

While the after action report showed that while the rifle contained ammunition the bolt was missing and it was inoperable it’s still a good shoot. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  If you sit through the entire video you will see that Officer Walsh grabbed his patrol rifle (AR15) and covered the suspect and helped backup clear the house when given the chance.  Officer Dezenso’s footage begins at 11 minutes.

We can all pull lessons from this incident.  First – can you make a clear shot like this in a stressful situation?  It’s difficult to simulate life or death adrenaline, but techniques such as raising your heart rate through exercise stimulation or pressures of a shooting competition are at least a step above a shooting at a stress free flat range.  Push yourself in your training because while situations like this are rare, accurate shooting at extended distances with a pistol is a valuable skill.

Story by Dustin Ellermann


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