Coyote attacks increasing in Texas and beyond! (Video)

Coyote attacks both on domestic animals and humans are on the rise.

This video shows a surveillance camera coyote attack on a small dog in a parking lot. Experts say that attacks on domestic animals always precede human attacks.

In a paper entitled “Coyote Attacks: An Increasing Urban Problem,” written by a group of California researchers, it is revealed there have been numerous attacks in the Golden State.

Coyote attacks on humans, once thought to be rare, have increased in frequency over the past decade, the authors said.

In the course of the study, they queried representatives of various federal, state, county, and city agencies and private wildlife control companies about coyote attacks on humans since 1978.

“From the information gathered, we now list 89 coyote attacks in California (incidents when one or more coyotes made physical contact with a child or adult, or attacked a pet while in close proximity to its owner. In 56 of these attacks, one or more persons suffered an injury. In 77 additional encounters, coyotes stalked children, chased individuals, or aggressively threatened adults.

“In 35 incidents, where coyotes stalked or attacked small children, the possibility of serious or fatal injury seems likely if the child had not been rescued. Because no single agency maintains data on such attacks, and some agencies and organizations are reluctant to discuss such incidents, we recognize that we do not have data on all attacks that have occurred.”

The kind of activity that took place in California in the 1970s, prior to the rash of attacks reported above is taking place now here in the Lone Star State. In the following clip you will see a coyote run at a jogger in the Forth Worth area.

In the paper, “Coyotes in Urban Areas: A Status Report” by Jan E. Loven, District Supervisor, Texas Animal Damage Control Service in Ft. Worth, the author gives a thorough overview of the coyote problems in the area.

“Damages from coyotes range from fear of rabies, to fear of being in close proximity to carnivores, to property, pet, and livestock damage. Several complaints have been received from joggers who are amazed at the boldness of these animals and are fearful of attack,” he said.

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