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July 31, 2017
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August 11, 2017

Have you been fishing a tournament and struggled all day with very little weight in the livewell?  It has happened to all of us and will happen again I am sure.

But, don’t stay there and beat yourself up and get a bad mental outlook and a negative attitude.

Fishing is mostly mental.  People who don’t fish competitively think that is absolutely insane.  But if you do fish tournaments you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have not won very much money in the first 15 minutes of a tournament.  However, I have won tens of thousands in the last 30 minutes of tournaments.
Keep your head down and fish!

Don’t worry about what your buddy has and what you need to catch up.  This time of year bass will group up and things can change fast.  Keep yourself mentally in the game and be ready when the bites do come.

Have you lost an 8lber right at the boat that just came unbuttoned?  You didn’t do anything wrong, she just came off.  Sure you have, we all have.  Does it suck?

You have to rise above it and just chalk it up as it wasn’t meant to be and keep fishing.

I have had co-anglers lose a fish and just come unwound at the seams and cuss, scream and throw fits I would discipline my kids for.  None of the above childish behavior is going to make that 8lber jump in the boat.  Do you know what you are not doing when you are throwing a fit?


Pick up your rod. Keep your head down and fish

If you read any of Kevin VanDam’s articles, he always finishes with a quote.

“Remember, it’s all about the attitude”.

Keeping a positive mindset and glass half full attitude will pay dividends for you in the future.

Watch the guys who are always negative Ned’s and stay grumpy and annoyed with how the bass are biting.  They usually blame a poor performance on everything but themselves.

Watch the guys that have a smile on their face and thank god that they have the opportunity to get in a boat and have a chance to catch some bass.  The latter of the two will usually prevail.

Sponsors don’t want to pay guys that are throwing rods & reels and stomping like a bucking bronco and always have a scowl on their face.  Sponsors want to pay anglers that have a bad day and still maintain their professionalism and smiles when people talk to them and ask them questions.

Fishing is a very fun and exciting sport.  It can also be a very stressful and aggravating sport as well, if you let it be.

Keep your head down and fish!

Shane Smith


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