On the Water with Evinrude E TEC G2 300 Outboards

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July 11, 2017
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July 25, 2017
g2 300 outboard

Seen here on a Ranger 2510 Bay Boat, the G2 300 has some serious kick.

When the Evinrude E TEC G2 was first introduced we brought you the news with a test of the G2 200-hp outboard, and recently, we got a closer look at the 300-hp version of this motor. What really made the experience interesting, however, was the fact that we also had the opportunity to sit down with Olivier Pierini, Evinrude’s new Director of Global Marketing and Strategic Planning. Take a peek at this short video we shot for FishTalk, to get some insight into what the G2 300 has to offer – as well as some on-the-water experience with these engines.

The fuel efficiency claim (of a 15 percent improvement over similar-sized four-stroke outboards) is a big one, but we’ve put it to the test on several different model boats and E TECs at this point. And our own experience bears out a 10 to 15 percent advantage depending on the specific models and rigs. We’re also quite impressed by the clean rigging these engines offer, the incorporated hydraulic helix power steering system, and especially the five year, 500 hour no scheduled maintenance period.

Down-sides? These outboards are still significantly louder than four-strokes, and they also create more vibrations. And the old two-stroke weight advantage you might be expecting has more or less evaporated; the G2 300 weighs in at 537 pounds, while a Yamaha F300 tips the scales at 562 pounds. Add in the weight of a full oil tank, and it’s essentially a wash.

So, which is “better,” a new E TEC G2 300 or a four-stroke 300? There’s no one answer to that question, since every angler and boater has his or her own priorities. That said, the G2 300 clearly presents some very significant advantages.


g2 300 outboard

Seen here on a Ranger 2510 Bay Boat, the G2 300 has some serious kick.

Bass guys and those who tournament fish from high-performance bay boats are probably going to be seriously attracted to the neck-snapping acceleration. Those who cruise for long distances will love the fuel efficiency. And everyone should appreciate the long period between pit stops. Our advice? If you think this might be the right motor for you, take one for a test run.

Late Breaking News: Evinrude has just announced a new joystick steering system called iDock that can be incorporated into twin-engine G2 installations. Since the joystick is integrated with the rest of the G2 system it’s significantly less expensive than most similar rigs, costing just $5,999 (many joysticks cost twice that amount). For more information, visit Evinrude.


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