August 25, 2017
August 25, 2017

Sabine In September

O ne of the most exciting months of the year for Texas outdoorsmen has made its way to the coast.

In September on the upper coast, we’re never really exactly sure what type of seasonal weather we are going to get. A lot of times it’s just an extension of August, and other times it give us a glimpse of the fall months right around the corner.

Regardless, this is the month when outdoorsmen across this great state are finally able to switch gears and begin to slowly change their angling strategies. We also can start thinking more seriously about upcoming hunting opportunities.

Here on Sabine Lake, the transition from traditional summer patterns to those geared more toward fall fishing is gradual. We are usually not quite done with the dog days yet. For that reason, most of our time will still be spent south of the Causeway Bridge working the ship channel and jetties.

The early and late top-water bite should remain good for the next few weeks with some very impressive stringers of speckled trout and redfish. Once the sun begins to penetrate the water and the topwater bite begins to taper off, soft plastics bounced off the bottom on a 1/8-ounce jig head, or about 24 inches under a popping cork should keep you on the fish.

Proven locations with good bait-holding bottoms and fluctuating depths such as Lighthouse Cove and the LNG Plant are what you want to key on. The abundance of baitfish coupled with very good tidal movement is what keeps these spots among the top of most people’s list.

The same holds true for the jetties. We’ve got a few more weeks of very consistent trout fishing there, also. Again, throwing topwaters early, then switching to soft plastics around mid morning should result in some impressive stringers.

Skitterwalks and She Dogs in pink/silver, pearl, and black/chartreuse are excellent choices for top-water baits. Soft plastics that are hard to beat include H & H Cocahoe Minnows, Salt Water Assassins and Zoom Super Fluke in glow, LSU and White Ice.

If we are lucky enough, a September cool front will pay us a visit. We’ll be quick to switch to fall fishing mode and take full advantage of a much-welcomed change of pace.

When we get a rare September cool front, the north wind gives me visions of shrimp and baitfish pouring out of the marsh and the mouths of bayous on the eastern side of Sabine Lake.

Fishing the points and mouths of these bayous can be super productive in these conditions. Tidal movement is very important if you’re going to be successful. So check the charts and plan your trip accordingly.

Also, don’t forget to look behind you periodically for working gulls. If we do get a surprise cool front this month, we’ll be out there doing our best to jump-start the transition from the dog days to some fantastic fall fishing.




Location: South Revetment (Pleasure Island)

Species: Speckled trout, redfish, flounder, croaker

Baits/Lures: Live shrimp, mud minnows, top-waters, and soft plastics

Best Times: Moving tides, especially early and late.


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