Daisy Rocket Shot -Aerial Target Launcher

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October 23, 2017
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October 26, 2017

I’m always on the lookout for new and unique gear for our Marksmanship Camp program so I was all over the Daisy Rocket Shot that launches an empty soda can 10’ into the air. The target is simple to setup and use, but it’s challenging to make the shot.

Simply drive the pointed rebar into the ground, push an empty can down into the launcher compressing the coil spring, set the sear, then backup and fire!We set it up at our Marksmanship Camp earlier this month and let each team of 6 take 5 rounds at the Rocket Shot.  The can survived the barrage of 50+ pellets unscathed.  It was a bit easier in my demonstration with a semi-auto.

Daisy Rocket Shot

The Rocket Shot is rated for any airgun firing under 350 FPS.  This means you can use it with pellets, BB, airsoft, and even paintballs! It’s great training for snap shooting, natural point of aim, and moving targets – just to name a few.

Best of all, it’s affordable!  Only $19.99 direct from Daisy (https://www.daisy.com/product/rocket-shot/?itemnumber=990870-001).


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