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Photo courtesy Shane Smith

Off Body Carry-Things to Think About

I am a big believer in muscle memory and how you train yourself to react to certain situations.  What I mean by that is when I pick up a shotgun, my muscle memory will kick in to take it off safety as I begin to mount the weapon to fire.  I don’t have to think about doing it, it just happens.

I appendix carry IWB 95 percent of the time and then there is that five percent when you simply can’t carry on your body for some reason or another.

Photo courtesy Shane Smith

There are many challenges and real life facts to deal with when you decide to off body carry as your primary weapon system.

  • Can you draw your weapon the same EVERY time? If you are using a purse, duffle bag, brief case or an OBC designed tactical bag will you be able to have it in the same place that muscle memory will kick in and you can draw your weapon without looking at it?
  • Will you take your OBC system with you everywhere you go? If you are a woman and come home you will likely set your purse down and forget it until the next morning.  If you are getting gas, will you get out and keep your OBC system with you?  Highly unlikely.  You will more than likely leave it in your vehicle and giving yourself a false sense of security because you “have” a gun.
  • Can you control your OBC system? If you are using a satchel, briefcase or other system will you be able to control it at all times like you can a CCW that is on your body?  When you go to eat at a nice restaurant you will you keep your system draped over your shoulder or on the floor?
  • Will your OBC system be in the same exact location on your body? When you are leaning over or kneeling, where will your OBC carry bag be?  Off your shoulder, on the floor or in your hands?  Consider that you will more than likely have to use both hands to acquire your weapon.  Not all will, but 95% will have to use both hands to draw since the bag isn’t in a fixed location.
  • If a thief is coming to rob you, the FIRST thing they are going to take is your purse, bag, fanny pack or brief case. Then they have your weapon and you are praying for Jesus to take the wheel.  If you perceive a threat, it would be a good idea to go ahead and act like you are getting your keys or phone and have you hand on the ready to draw if need be.

You can see there are many things to consider if you are using OBC as a primary weapon system.  However, if you are considering it as a secondary weapon system I am all in for that.

At my church we have a “security” detail in place to prevent the tragedy at Tennessee last week.  Most of us have our CCW with us at all times while some of the older hats carry a brief case that has multiple weapons staged and ready to go.  Most of these older gentlemen have glasses, pills, knife, phone, folder, papers and a lot of other things the rest of us don’t have.  So OBC makes more sense for them.  These brief cases are not “primary” weapons though.

When you go to the Doctors office, it may not be practical for you to carry on your person.  This is where OBC really comes to play.  It will be beneficial to have a weapon in your bag in the lobby and in the office.  You can set your bag beside you on the table or wherever you deem the most tactical location and still be armed.

I hope I have made you think about a few things if you do OBC as a primary weapon system.  I am not saying it can’t save your life, rather you need to have a plan and a system for acquiring your weapon and utilizing it should the time come.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat= Fortune Favors the Prepared.

Shane Smith


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