December 25, 2017
December 25, 2017

Visionary Innovation by the Power Pole People

When outdoor pursuits are made easier by the innovations of technology, everyone wins. This is certainly the case with my experience fishing with the folks from JL Marine Systems, the manufacturers of Power-Pole shallow water anchors. I recently had the opportunity to get out on the water with John Oliverio, the founder and inventor of the Power-Pole anchor, and Robert Shamblin, the Vice President for the company. We fished together the first day of the Buras Marsh Media Bash which was hosted at Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, Louisiana. 

The Vision System, by JL Marine

The Power-Pole anchor truly changes the way you fish and, as their slogan says, they are “Swift, Silent, Secure” and they deploy with a touch of a button. We got into the largemouth bass and redfish bite on our day fishing together and would deploy the Power-Pole anchors when we hooked up on fish to keep us in areas where the fishing was hot. Whether you have a large bay boat like the Skeeter SX240 we were fishing in or you’re fishing from a personal watercraft like a kayak, there’s a Power-Pole anchor product on the market for you. 

The C-Monster Control System is about the most innovative control center I have seen for a boat that can be controlled from something most boat owners already own – a smartphone running iOS or Android operating systems. The C-Monster 2.0 app is legendary in performance as all new Power-Pole anchor products come with wireless capability to be controlled by C-Monster.  You can literally fine tune your boat to your own style of angling with this control system.

The Vision system is one of the most revolutionary tools from the technology realm for your boat that I have ever experienced. It serves as a digital control system for your entire boat. Integrating with the above mentioned C-Monster system, this Android-based dash mounted system gives you a whole host of options for boating and fishing recreation. Based on a smart tablet with a built-in camera, you can do just about anything you can normally do on tablet and then some. Download any of your favorite apps and customize the way you fish. Set up your smartphone as a hotspot and give the Vision unit internet access. Download maps, post your fishing photos in social media, you name it! It is all at your fingertips. This is a perfect tool for hardcore anglers that love to use technology to help them catch fish. With a super bright screen you can see everything you need to even with your sunglasses on a bright sunny day.

Add to these technological advancements the new Power-Pole Charge system which is a battery management system for your boat. When connected to the Vision control system, you get real-time stats on your battery power levels and power distribution. This is a very smart system as this unit’s goal is to manage and shift around your battery power the most effective and efficient way to get you through your day on the water. I know I have had to cut several fishing trips in the past due to one or more dead marine batteries. This is by far the most innovative power management system I have ever experienced.

The neatest thing with all of these systems is that they all work together on your boat. If you make an investment into one or more of these systems, you will reap the rewards of increased efficiency many times over. One can stand in awe that technologies like these are a reality now and they are here to stay for the long haul which can serve as a great benefit to boaters and anglers everywhere.

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