Podcast: Fishing the Louisiana Marsh and Jug Fishing for Catfish

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fishing podcast

On this episode, Dustin rides solo again for another show. He talks about a recent fishing trip to Delacroix, Louisiana and fishing the brackish water of the marsh in that area. Dustin also covers each sponsor who made the event possible and gives a brief summary of their product offering.

Dustin also covers jug fishing basics and how to rig a jug for catfishing success using trot line components and the legendary fish of Lake Conroe, an upcoming fishing destination.

Mentioned in this Show:
Daiwa Rods and Reels: http://www.daiwa.com
Arctic Ice: http://www.arctic-ice.net
Boomerang Tool Company: https://www.boomerangtool.com/
HEYBO Outdoors: http://www.heybooutdoors.com
Z-Man: http://www.zmanfishing.com
BTI Tools (Bubba Blade Knives): https://www.bubbablade.com/
SPRO/Gamakatsu: http://www.spro.com
Marine Metal Products: http://www.marinemetal.com/
Marmot: https://www.marmot.com/
EAA (Firearms): https://eaacorp.com/
Louisiana Fishing Charters: https://la-charters.com/

Jug Fishing: http://www.mudcatflaggingjugs.com/

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