Feral Hog Makes A Nest (Video)

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January 10, 2018
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As you might know I adopted (er, kidnapped) a wild hog back in March of 2016.  Nosler the pig has appeared in most of my video reviews as she roams around in the background much like a dog.  Watch Nosler’s background here: https://youtu.be/9kRUdHEmfSI

Nosler was raised at first in my house.  She was quite the lovable baby pig.  She especially loved sitting and sleeping in your lap.  Unfortunately we also discovered she came with lice.  The good news is that they are only pig lice and this large variety of hair bug doesn’t transfer to humans.  Also the good news was that human lice treatment rids pigs of pig lice.  Note: pigs don’t enjoy baths.  After a while Nosler was evicted to the porch, and shortly after to a large pin to keep rooting to a minimum as well as keeping her safe from trigger happy neighbors.  Yet I do let her enjoy freedom occasionally when I’m around to keep an eye on her.

Nosler is much like a pet dog, and even comes when Dustin whistles

Recently, with winter approaching, I found she had constructed a nest for herself in the back of the property where she lives.  The mound was puzzling at first.  But upon closer inspection I could see there was a tunnel right through the center.  Nosler constructed herself a field expedient sleeping bag of sorts to weather the winter.  It was surprising she created it from scratch using hay from a round bale 40 yards away.  I thought she would have simply burrowed in the existing haybale.

Feral hogs have been known to make farrowing nests, but usually they aren’t this elaborate nor are they enclosed. But most hogs probably don’t enjoy the safety and security that Nosler has by living in one area.

Now the question is if this is just a winter shelter or if a boar found Nosler at one time and if we are expecting a dozen piglets in the future.

Dustin Ellermann


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