Pleasure Craft at Rinker’s Boat World (Houston Boat Show)

Houston Boat Show (Kayaks)
January 5, 2018
McClain Trailers at the Houston Boat Show
January 8, 2018

Chester Moore editor-in-chief of Texas official game is at the 2018 Houston Boat Show going on now at the NRG Center.

He is here at the Rinkers Boat World booth and says he automatically thinks of fishing when it comes to boats, but some folks like pleasure craft, you know, and they’ve got some really awesome stuff here with this Supra and other models here at Rinkers Boat World

And whether you want to kayak, you want something that goes fast, or you simply want a pleasure craft or maybe a pontoon boat they have it at the 2018 Houston Boat Show, and you’ll find a lot of great boats at the Rinkers Boat World booth.

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