SHOT SHOW Series: Day 5 Recap, Arctic Ice, Ammunition Innovations and Optics with Dustin Warncke – Texas Fish & Game Podcast

SHOT Show Series: Day 4 Recap and Product Showcase with Dustin Warncke – Texas Fish & Game Podcast
January 26, 2018
SHOT Show 2018 Range Day: Walther PPQ M4
February 3, 2018

In this final episode of the SHOT Show 2018 series, Dustin covers a variety of shooting, hunting and general outdoor products. Thanks for hanging in there through all of this coverage and please subscribe, tell a friend about the show and feel free to email Dustin at [email protected] or through his website:

Mentioned in the Show:

Allegiance Ammunition

Arctic Ice

Barska Optics

Winchester Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition

Lansky Knife Sharpeners: QuadSharp Pocket Sharpener

Barska Optics

Three Types of Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice

Allegiance Ammo in Ballistic Gel

New Ammunition



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