Lone Star Boars Thermal Hog Hunt! (VIDEO)

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February 20, 2018
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February 21, 2018

Every night over 2 million feral hogs continue their massive destruction in Texas causing more than $50 million in damages annually.  Hogs have huge litters several times a year, and it’s said that out of a litter of 12 piglets 13 will survive (yes that’s a joke, don’t send me mean emails about my math skills).

Todd Huey of Lone Star Boars has been fighting the never ending fight against the rampant species for over 5 years and has a confirmed eradication count surpassing 5,000 feral hogs.  I was able to join him earlier this month in central Texas for a weekend hunt using CMMG rifles topped off with prototype Pulsar XP50 LRF thermal optics.

I will have my own video cut with my scope’s footage in an upcoming post so stay tuned for that one.  In the meantime check out the entire weekend’s action from Lone Star Boars YouTube video:

I used the CMMG 300BLK 16” rifle surpassed with the Bowers Vers30 firing 110 Barnes TAC-TX.  Todd was using a CMMG in .22 Nosler.

The CMMG 300BLK featuring the prototype Pulsar XP50 LRF and Bowers VERS30 suppressor.

You can tell Todd is becoming a huge fan of the .22 Nosler from the video.  The 55 grain bullet is traveling 3,400 FPS does a good job downrange, and it’s getting there in a hurry.  You hear the “whack” on the target a good 30% faster than my slower .300BLK rounds.  With Todd’s real world experience in the hog hunting realm his website offers a great resource for choosing hunting rifles, optics, and ballistics.

Our total kill count of 20 hogs was proof that Todd knows what he is doing.  The first night of the hunt we didn’t have a single hog escape our ambushes besides the 3 that moseyed away while we first got setup.  Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

Dustin Ellermann


Check out part 2 through my scope.


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