SHOT Show 2018: Axeon Second Zero

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February 3, 2018
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Axeon Second Zero at SHOT 2018

The Axeon Second Zero was available at the SHOT Show 2018 Range Day and Dustin Ellermann got a chance to check it out. The Second Zero is a precision lens attachment for rifle optics that allow you to change your scope’s zero with a simple flip.

Here’s what Dustin had to say as he tested this new accessory at shots of 100 yards and at 500 yards:

“Dustin Ellerman here at Texas Fish & Game magazine at the SHOT Show industry range day and we have something very unique that’s coming out. It’s Second Zero and it is manufactured by Axeon.

“What it does is, it’s bending light so that our reticle is still pointing in one place but you know the image that comes in, and this is a lens that shifts it. And they can shift it to a certain MOA.

“This one’s around eleven MOA, which we can have 100 yards zero and we’re going to shoot a hundred-yard plate. And then we’re gonna flip that booger down and see if we’re on at five hundred yards. Just by flipping it down and using the same hold on the scope.

“And let’s see what happens. All right, I’m gonna go for that plate on the right, at a hundred yards. Here we go!”

After taking his shot, and producing an audible ring from the steel target, he continued.

“Alright that was a hit, and so we’re gonna flip this down and we have a ram target out there at five hundred yards. We’re gonna hold on and have fun…”Another shot.

“And that’s a hit! Crazy! Same zero just flipping that down. How about that. And, so, Second Zero. Check it out!”

About the Show

The 2018 SHOT Show was held in late January in Las Vegas. Hundreds of shooting and hunting industry manufacturers were on hand to display new products for 2018 and beyond. The Industry Range Day was located on a sprawling shooting range facility just outside of Bolder, Nevada.

Texas Fish & Game Tactical Editor Dustin Ellermann and Contributing Editor Dustin Warncke attended Range Day and had a literal field day testing dozens of new firearms, accessories, ammo and other great gear, including a crossbow.

Check out more great videos and blog posts from the 2018 SHOT Show and learn more about the great shooting and hunting products that will be introduced later in the year, at You can also view more videos on our YouTube Channel at


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