SHOT Show 2018: Black Rain Ordnance

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February 3, 2018
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February 3, 2018

Black Rain Ordnance

Dustin Ellmermann visited the Black Rain Ordnance booth while touring the SHOT Show Range Day 2018.

Black Rain Ordnance has something crazy and unique. A 22-250 chambered in an AR-10. Dustin Ellermann took it for a test shoot while he was at the Black Rain Ordnance Booth

Here is how he commented on shooting this unique configuration:

“Just look how little that bullet is on the front. It’s a 22-250 in an AR-10, and they had to virtually manufacture their own magazines.

“And this just looks slick. So, we’re gonna let it load up and see if we can get some shots downrange, and see what it feels like. Because, uh, that’s gonna be pretty cool at 22-250.

“I’m gonna go for that hostage guy. There it went!

“Whoo! I could feel the muzzle break working. I mean, that’s first time I have shot this, and shoot I’m just walking that hostage silhouette back and forth. That’s pretty slick!

“So, they’ve built a 22-250 in an AR-10 platform. You’re gonna have to check out Black Rain Ordnance.

“Sweet, guys!”

The 2018 SHOT Show was held in late January in Las Vegas. Hundreds of shooting and hunting industry manufacturers were on hand to display new products for 2018 and beyond. The Industry Range Day was located on a sprawling shooting range facility just outside of Bolder, Nevada.

Texas Fish & Game Tactical Editor Dustin Ellermann and Contributing Editor Dustin Warncke attended Range Day and had a literal field day testing dozens of new firearms, accessories, ammo and other great gear, including a crossbow.

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