Bushwacker .22LR Reactive Rimfire Target

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March 15, 2018
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Birchwood Casey Bushwacker Target

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to shooting steel targets.  I hardly ever shoot paper anymore.  Even if I’m zeroing a new gun I’d rather shoot a freshly painted steel target rather than stapling paper and looking for tiny holes.  Reactive and moving steel targets are even better.

Bushwacker Rimfire Target

Birchwood Casey recently rolled out their Bushwacker target at SHOT Show 2018.  It’s simple, yet fun and reactive.  Constructed of AR400 1/4″ steel, it’s only for .22LR.  But it’s more than just a bouncing spring paddle or static steel plate.  The Bushwacker is two pivoting/falling plates with a lever between them.  Besides the hinged paddles the only moving part is the rocking lever secured by a grade 5 bolt.  It has staking holes to keep the target from shifting around.  Simply stake and shoot.

The simple design of the Bushwacker

Since it’s reactive you get a little bit of target transition practice along with the rewarding “PING” when it’s wacked.  I also thought it was neat how the bullet spalling (no ricochets) dug a nice clean tiny ditch right in front of the target.  We shot it several hundred times this past Youth Marksmanship Camp without any issues.  I imagine it will last a long while.

See it in action here:

It’s simple, durable, rewarding, and affordable.  It was retailing $102.30 direct from Birchwood Casey however I found it here for a much more practical $64.  So get you one, or two, and let the kids enjoy some reactive rimfire practice.


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