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March 6, 2018
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March 15, 2018

Meprolight’s FT Bullseye sight is very unique, and you really can’t get a good idea of how it works by just looking at the marketing photos.  I was pleased to finally get my hands on a set right after SHOT Show this year.

The FT Bullseye sight is best described as a straw based sight.  It contains a fiber optic integrated lens along with a bit of tritium to produce glow even in the darkness.  By the marketing images you always see the perfectly aligned dot in the middle of a illuminated circle, but in reality that is only the image when it is perfectly lined up.  It uses no front sight, the entire system is less than 2 inches long and is very low profile.

The FT Bullseye sight is as low profile as stock sights just with a longer footprint.

The groves along the top of the sight give the impression of a standard sight picture, which allows you to figure out a rough alignment.  Until the FT Bullseye sight is aligned, you won’t even see the dot.  When partially aligned you will see the dot in the center of the illuminated circle, and it is only natural to center the dot in the outer circle.  The actual view of this is what I wanted to show in the below video:

As I stated in the video, the FT Bullseye sight is in a class of its own.  It isn’t precise enough on small targets to replace a red dot optic, or even iron sights for that matter.  To use it you have to obscure most of the target, which isn’t a good thing for defensive shooting.  It isn’t precise enough for competitions.  But it works well as a supplemental sight for speed point shooting.  I enjoyed getting my hands on it, and while I wanted to love it I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet.  But if you think it could be useful for you by all means check them out at  At $150 it’s not near the investment as a red dot optic, and it’s a downright easy install. It’s available for Glocks, HK, Springfields, M&P, Sigs, Kahrs and even Mark IIIs.


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