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See Texas Doe with Antlers and Help Us Identify Mystery Deer

Doe With Antlers

On an expedition to YO Headquarters we encountered a couple of really unique deer. This first shot is of a whitetail doe with antlers we encountered on a field expedition this week. This is a super rare event in the world of the whitetail deer and it is the first one we’ve encountered. Have you ever seen or killed a doe with antlers? If so, we would love to see your photos. Please email to cmoore@fishgame.com.

Mystery Deer

The second deer is much more mysterious. This doe was in a large herd of axis deer and ran off with an axis fawn next to her and with other axis does.

In my opinion this is an axis but with a color mutation. Notice the shot of her running with the other axis and she has the same ring around the behind and stripe down bak and neck. She is not an albino but has something else going on. Do you think this is an axis? If so, what is going on here? Have you ever seen one like this?

Axis thrive in the Edward’s Plateau region on high fenced ranches as well as on free range. There are literally thousands roaming Kerr, Gillespie, Edwards, Medina and Uvalde Counties. And while axis are a highly sought after game animal, most hunters know little about them. There is almost nothing written on them in outdoor media in terms of their biology and life history and that is something we will be changing with many articles at fishgame.com throughout 2018.




These unique animals were encountered on a two day adventure. Simply taking the time to explore the wilds of Texas can yield incredible wildlife sightings. We are blessed to live in an amazing state with amazing wildlife.

Chester Moore, Jr.


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