EDITOR’S NOTES by Chester Moore
April 25, 2018
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves
April 25, 2018

Partially White Turkey

Editor:In response to our article on white turkeys in the March issue reader Bob Noah sent in this game camera photo of a partially white jake at a feeder near Montague City. If you have any photos of white turkeys in Texas please email [email protected].

Game camera photo of a partially white jake in Montague County.
(Photo: Bob Noah)

Fishing Light Advice

Mr. Moore, I love listening to your radio show on Friday nights. It means it is the weekend!

My pier on the Colorado River in Matagorda County was washed away by Harvey and finally has been rebuilt. Now it is time for a fishing light.

I plan to mount it on a one-inch pipe, because the pier doesn’t have any tall pilings; and if I put it on the bank, it would be too high and throw shadows into the water.

Do you have any recommendations?

Or, do you know of any studies about what works best?

Right now, I am leaning toward a stage light can, with a 1,000 watt bulb.

Last night, I went to the Houston Fishing Show and visited with a company. They have some LED lights that are more expensive. 

A while back, a vendor didn’t recommend an underwater light because, while I catch a lot of trout and redfish, it wouldn’t work as well in the brackish water. Several people tell me you don’t catch as many fish with underwater lights as you do with above water lights.

Reading about fishing lights, I have learned a lot more than I thought I needed to know about lumens, candlepower, candelas, etc. And, still don’t understand it all.

Writing this to you because I figure if anyone will know, it will be you. I can envision you scuba diving at night under various lights checking out which works best!


Kelsey Granberry

Editor: It’s really a confusing issue because you would have to test all of them to have an idea.

I think floating lights are probably the best in my opinion or lights positioned above the water. Seems to bring more fish, in my experience. Submerged lights can work great as well.

It’s a thing of trial and error. One thing is for sure. You will bring in more fish with lights around your pier. It might just take some tinkering to figure out what works best.

Hobie Kayaks


What Scares You?

Dear Chester, are there any animals out there that you would be scared to interact with or that have scared you?

Donnie Mills

Editor: I am not flat out afraid of any animal in terms of a phobia, except for rats. Not much on rats. Ha!

Other than that I have great respect for many animals but there are a few that have and or would give me the creeps.

Let’s take the Cape buffalo for example any animal that routinely beats down lions and charges vehicles, hunters and anything else it feels like is scary. They will actually lie in wait for the hunters who have shot them; and according to some professional guides, they have an uncanny ability to pick the shooter out of a group. I once had a run-in with a cape at a 40,000-acre game ranch in Central Texas.

My wife and I were driving out of the ranch and spotted a herd of zebra feeding in a meadow, so I grabbed my camera and tried to sneak up for a closer shot. When I came up to a patch of cedar trees, I heard something moving through the brush toward me. I was hoping it would be a zebra so I could get a point blank shot, but as it turned out, the animal was a Cape buffalo! I had no idea they had any on the ranch, but I was looking at one at a distance of 10 feet and the car was about 75 yards away. I`m here to tell the story, so I obviously made it out safely, but the buffalo followed me toward the car and made me question my mortality. Scary, indeed!

Ever heard the stories of the tiny catfish that can swim up a stream of urine into the bladder? Did you think that was a myth? Well, it`s at least partially true. There have been a number of documented cases of a tiny parasitic candiru fish entering both men and women through openings in the body. They can`t swim up a stream of urine but they can and do get into people`s bodies. The good news is they can`t survive long there.

That is scary!

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