Mustad Dry Boat Bag and Double Rigger Wallet Fishing Gear Review

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April 23, 2018
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April 25, 2018

When most people think of Mustad, they think of a heritage of hook manufacturing as the oldest and largest hook manufacturer in the world but they have also ventured into making other incredible fishing gear as well. I have been a fan of the Mustad Boat Bag since I picked one up for the first time at a fishing event I attended this past summer.

Designed as a waterproof and durable solution to protecting your tackle and other gear on the boat or even dockside, the PVC material this bag is made of is thick and sturdy in even the harshest conditions.

With a hard box style bottom and flexible but tough construction on the sides and top, you don’t have to worry about your gear getting soaked or exposed to the harsh conditions you are enduring on the water. The zipper is solid on this bag so you can have a tight barrier between rain or your boat taking on water from waves.

This bag has gone on several boat trips as well as land-bound waterfront fishing voyages with me both fresh and saltwater conditions and has met every expectation I have had for a boat bag. It is as tough as any tackle bag I owned and has made it through all of the challenges I have put it through like a champ. It comes in 18” and 24” sizes making it a great choice for any size boat or other personal watercraft like a round boat or kayak.

Both Mustad’s Boat Bag and Double Rigger Wallet are Texas Tested Approved by the Author!

I recently tested another product made of this soft but durable and strong PVC material. The Double Rigger Wallet is a more compact storage solution for fishing gear and tackle. With storage compartments on both sides, this is an efficient and effective way to safely store your tackle in a small space while protecting it from the elements and keeping your gear dry and easily accessible on any size of watercraft.

Keeping your gear is dry and clean is so important in preserving the quality and integrity of your fishing tackle. To be honest, I expected something really awesome from the best-selling hook brand on the planet but the build quality of both of these products really impressed me even more than I thought they would.

Mustad gets it. Fishermen of any level want a durable, safe and dry way to transport their gear on any size of watercraft. Both of these products fit my needs well and I think you will find them very beneficial to your future fishing adventures as well. These bags get my Texas Tested stamp of approval as they play as hard in the outdoor as I do!


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