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May 17, 2018
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May 17, 2018

As long as I have been a hunter, I have depended on a good cooler to preserve my game meat and, recently, I added a Frio Vault 24 softside cooler to the mix for keeping my ready-to-eat smoked meats as well as other foods at safe temperatures for a weekend hunting excursion. Let’s all face it though, ice is good to have for keeping things cold but it can get wet and messy in a hurry after it melts. Who likes making extra trips to town from camp to get more ice after it melts? I know I don’t.

Arctic Ice has solved this problem for me and allowed my hunting adventures to last longer than ever before with their three varieties of ice packs: Chillin’ Brew, Alaskan and Tundra. They stay colder longer than other ice packs I have tried in the past and keep things much cleaner and drier than ice ever could.

Arctic Ice keeping some meats cool at hunting camp.

Want to keep your beer and soft drinks cold in your hunting blind without all the hassle and mess of regular ice? There’s a small or medium Chillin’ Brew pack for you. Want to keep your sandwiches and other food cold but dry? The Alaskan series has four sizes, as do the other varieties, for any size of cooler. Want to keep your food frozen between trips from the deer processor to your home? The Tundra series would do well for you on the voyage by keeping your meat and any other frozen products in their desired frozen state.

Consider the issue of dry aging deer meat, which is recommended by many hunters to help venison reach its highest quality. With regular ice, you have to constantly monitor your cooler and keep draining any water resulting from melting ice to keep things as dry as possible. Sure you could leave your ice in its bags or use frozen milk jugs but those options many times turn into the same mess as well. With Arctic Ice, simply cool down your meat, line the bottom with Chilln’ Brew or Alaskan series ice packs, add your meat and add a layer of ice packs on the top. Rotate them every couple of days with refreeze ice packs, depending in the outside temperature, and you’re done. No hassle, no fuss, no draining water or other mess to deal with before, during or after. The goal here is to dry age your meat at or below a food safe 40 degrees. For best results I use an extreme or high performance cooler like the Frio 65 quart cooler.

There are so many uses for these ice packs in keeping cold things the way they should be. Spend more time in the woods and less time and money at the Speedy Stop store plunking down your hard earned cash on regular ice that just melts or evaporates in a day or less. Buy a set of these Arctic Ice packs and you may never look at buys ice again – except for maybe to use in your stainless steel tumbler. What’s more is that these ice packs are flat and much easier to store than your typical ice replacement product. Learn more at

Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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