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May 25, 2018
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South Texas Outback

T HIS GREAT SOUTH TEXAS outback known as Baffin Bay is providing some really exciting fishing to all anglers this summer, from beginner to advanced.

The sheer numbers of trout and redfish in the bay systems can provide some fine entertainment to kids and other beginner fishermen. Trophy trout hunters can find some ten pound-plus trout still spawning in the shallow waters of the bay.

New, larger grass pastures have emerged along all of the Baffin shorelines, including the Cayo del Grullo and Alazan Bays, providing cover and a gathering place for all creatures big and small. Large rafts of mullet are everywhere, indicators of how healthy and productive this bay has become.

There’s an easy haul of stringer-worthy trout early in the mornings on grass flats, edges and drops, using soft plastics or top water lures. When the sun comes up a little higher in the sky, it’s time to get serious about fly fishing and sight casting to redfish, black drum, even flounders and trout.

Changing gears around 10 or 10:30 in the morning is great timing, giving everyone a chance to take a little break to snack and drink some water. It’s also a good time to talk about fly selection and the technique of stalking these big, shallow water targets .

Folks don’t normally think of Baffin Bay as a fly fishing destination. But, shorelines here are never run by boats or airboats, like other bay systems. Some of these places may not have even seen a human in quite some time. Desolate and untapped, the shorelines and back lakes of Baffin Bay, the Cayo del Grullo and Alazan Bay are prime targets for fish that are not spooky, haven’t been cast to and are ripe for beginner and advanced fly fishermen alike.

It’s a world like no other bay on the Texas Coast. Nine weight fly rods are a good choice because there’s a good chance to get a shot at a 40-inch-plus redfish or a big ol’ black drum.

Shallow, clear water with lots of grass draws in all of the little shrimp, crabs and bait fish. This, in turn, attracts all of the big predators of the bay. Use Clousers and Crab patterns on #4 hooks, with attractant colors such as chartreuse or pink.

Don’t have a clue about any of this stuff but want to learn how to fly fish? That’s okay, all guides at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun are “teaching guides,” meaning that beginners will get a solid foundation and the knowledge to have a great time fly fishing here.

The lodge has a good supply of all of the components needed to get started, all provided by the Orvis company. Since we are now an Orvis Endorsed lodge, we are lucky to be associated with the best and most advanced equipment company, totally catering to the fly fishing market. Also, BBR&G has installed a “casting pond,” so you can practice your cast before you go.

Sight casting with conventional tackle is also super effective. Try gfour Black’s Magic 1/32nd ounce jig head and a Gulp chartreuse, four-inch “Swimming Mullet” curly tailed grub.

Stalking the shorelines looking for big fish to cast at is a little more like hunting than fishing. The name of the game is, step one, see the fish, step two, make the cast. Be sure to wear the right sunglasses to excel at this “see the fish” step. We recommend Costa del Mar 580 glass lenses, green mirror, or brown, amber or copper. These “brown” colors will afford you the best contrast on the water, so you can “see the fish.” There are other choices out there, but always buy the best gear you can afford.

Whether you are seeking that one big trout of your fishing career, catching a stringer full of reds and trout, or want to learn to fly fish, Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is the best place to be . Not to mention the fact that we have a great chef and a swimming pool at our first-class lodge.

Capt. Black and I sure look forward to hosting your corporate group, a family fishing trip or a group of buds wanting to hang out together. From top to bottom, we are pleased to provide a “5-Star Adventure for Everyone” here at BBR&G. You will feel the difference when you walk into our lodge. We are dog friendly, family friendly and want to include anyone woman or man who wants to learn about fishing. There’s not a better place than Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. We can sleep 20 guests and hope you are planning a trip to see us this summer.

See you soon.

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