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July 24, 2018
July 24, 2018

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O UR WEBSITE, FISHGAME.COM, RECENTLY experienced a fit of Hiccups and, unfortunately, it took us longer than we would have liked to realize that an important feature had stopped working. For reasons still unknown, the “Contact Us” page simply quit forwarding messages to the appropriate email inboxes within our system. The delay in catching on to the problem was a simple case of our not hearing a silent alarm—emails failing to arrive are not so easy to notice, especially in the everyday deluge of email volume in the electronic post office. But it finally dawned on us that no one was “Contacting Us” and we marshalled the I.T. troops to figure out what had gone wrong.   

Tending to the glitch allowed us to fine-tune this communications system, making sure that anyone with a question or problem, from subscriptions to editorial, will reach the correct set of eyes and ears to deal with it quickly—as quickly as technologically and humanly possible.

Keeping all the plates spinning on a website like ours can be a real pain in the keester. But there is no denying the appeal of using the technology to achieve near-realtime communication with our readers and site visitors. There are actually two routes for contacting us.

First, as you see at the bottom of most regular columns, such as this one, you can send an email to our staff writers and editors. In our case, and in the case of Chester Moore, our direct emails are listed. Our other editors share an inbox at [email protected] Email sent to our personal inboxes or to the shared contributor inbox are the most immediate connection.

Likewise, as listed in the staff box on the right, subscribers can send emails directly to Larry Dalton at [email protected]

The website method of Contacting Us is reached by hitting the CONTACT link in the upper right corner (illustrated below). This link will take you to the aforementioned Contact Page, which lists our various phone numbers and also has a form.

contact us

Link to our CONTACT US form is in the upper right corner of every page.

The simple form allows you to route your quesion, comment or complaint to the right place—Subscription Assistance, Digital Issue Support, Editorial, or General Information. You’ll have to supply a minimal amount of identification—name, email address, phone—and prove you’re not a robot. Then you can compose as brief or complex a description as you want of the issue you are sharing with us.

If it is a service issue, we’ll jump right on it and get the problem resolved or question answered. If it is a question or comment about our content, we’ll get it to the right editor, starting with Editor-in-Chief Moore. If the sbmission requires a response, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. A lot of these submissions are the equivalent of Letters to the Editor, and in those cases, we’ll share them with the rest of our readership.

If you have a general outdoors question, we’ll do our best to answer it for you—and given the hundreds of years of combined experience in our dugout, our best is often quite good. At the very least, we’ll point you in the right direction if the answers elude us. 

We think we were able to address all the inquiries made during the breakdown. Hopefuly the little fainting spell this key part of our website experienced didn’t leave anybody in the dark too long. Now that we’ve got communications back up and running, we’re anxious to hear from you. Contact Us.

E-mail Roy at [email protected] and Ardia at [email protected]


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