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October 24, 2018
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October 24, 2018

Textron Introduces New Vehicles

Textron Havoc Backcountry Edition

Textron Havoc Backcountry Edition

TEXTRON OFF ROAD side-by-sides is introducing three new vehicles as part of its Model Year 2019 lineup. Joining the Havoc X are the Havoc and Havoc Backcountry Edition, and the Wildcat XX receives more horsepower and sees the addition of the Wildcat XX LTD to the line.

The new Havoc Backcountry Edition is perfect for recreational riders. The vehicle features a standard roof and hood rack, and its exclusive styling features a Bright White with Orange color with Backcountry badging. It retails for $17,799.

Textron Off Road also is introducing a Havoc base model with a 100HP EFI engine providing power for the toughest tasks, standard Electronic Power Steering (EPS), class-leading 12.8-inch front suspension travel, 2,000-lb towing capacity, 24-cu-ft of storage with extended cab, and 600-lb cargo box. The 2019 Havoc retails for $16,299 and is available in Fire Red.

For 2019, the Wildcat XX gets an upgrade in horsepower to 130HP, and is still the highest horsepower, naturally aspirated vehicle in its class. The vehicle is offered in Bright White with a MSRP of $20,699.

New for 2019, the Wildcat XX LTD sports all the features of the Wildcat XX with front and rear bumpers, half windshield, and heavy-duty, marine-grade Bimini Roof featuring a built-in roll-up top with a sun screen for nice days. The vehicle also has a factory-installed SSV® stereo system with all marine-grade components, including an integrated amp, two Kicker® speakers, custom enclosures and wiring harness. The new Wildcat XX LTD is available in Jet Black and retails for $21,999.

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Slow Glow Hunting Lights

Slow Glow Hunting Light

Slow Glow Hunting Light

HUNTING WILD PIGS and exotic game at night is one of the most fun types of hunting out there! It opens up year-round hunting and is a new challenge for veteran sportsman and new hunters alike. Slow Glow Hunting Lights are a Texas-Made, hand-built product that makes hunting at night insanely fun.  Unlike traditional feeder lights, Slow Glow Lights are designed to be mounted 5 feet off the ground, 20 feet away from your hunting area.  This allows an entire hunting area to be well lit, instead of a small circle directly under your feeder.

Slow Glow automatically turns on at dusk and stays on all night at a dull 5% intensity, training game to the presence of a dull non-invasive light in the area. When the light detects motion, the Slow Glow effect is triggered. After detecting motion, the light slowly increases intensity to 60% over a 2-minute period to avoid spooking game.  If you need more light, or want to activate the light manually, the included remote control slowly brings the light to 100% intensity from up to 1,000 yards away!

The beauty of the Slow Glow is using the light like an alarm.  It’s quite obvious from several hundred yards away if your light has been triggered by motion, so you’re not forced to sit in a blind all night waiting on something to show up. Sit back a few hundred yards and wait for the trees to light up! Your light provides plenty of light to make sniper shots from several hundred yards away, or bow-hunters can stalk in from downwind and behind the light to get crazy close shots with a bow.

Slow Glow comes with an unconditional 1-year warranty and will be hand-built by the Slow Glow Texas family. For more information, visit


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