November 24, 2018
November 24, 2018

THE AMAZING AND INNOVATIVE technology that has helped anglers catch more fish and have more fun out on the water continues to evolve.

We have witnessed these developments progress over time. Some of the coolest things aren’t coming someday in the future—many of them are already here! A short rundown of some of the technology-driven gear can help you lift up your game as an angler as well as good gift ideas for the angler in your life.

Castable Wireless Sonars/Fish Finders



Not everyone has an expensive bass or bay boat so I started with this item for that reason. Castable sonars offers products such as ReelSonar’s iBobber. Simply cast this unit and almost immediately get feedback on your smartphone or tablet. Data you’ll get includes water temperature, structure, fish in the area and much more.

This is great for bank fishing. It’s really stealthy for kayak fishermen who want to get Intel about an area before they paddle up to it. Most of these personal sonars priced around $89 to $149 and are a great value. They make fishing more accessible to those of us either fishing on a boat or right from the shoreline.

Power-Pole VISION and CHARGE Systems:

I got to experience both of these systems first hand in Buras, Louisiana at an event I attended last year. Both of these products are engineered by one of the most successful boating accessories companies in the world, JL Marine.

The VISION is an Android based multi-media control module for your boat’s accessories, which of course includes your Power-Pole shallow water anchor. With a super bright screen, enhanced map imaging, Android OS (think of all your apps) and a built-in camera, this system makes your boating experience better than ever before.

Power-Pole Charge marine power station

Power-Pole Charge marine power station.

The CHARGE system basically manages your power usage, so you can get the maximum efficiency out of your marine accessories and maximum life from all of your batteries on board throughout the day or night.

GoFish Cam

One of the most innovative camera products I have seen is this wireless underwater camera that simply connects to your fishing line. It works with all kinds of fishing styles and captures the action as it happens underwater. It has night vision, a tough armor casing and stabilized design and it captures full HD video.

What’s more is there is an app for this fishing action camera so you can easily share the videos while you are on the water. The videos come to your phone after you reel in your line.

GoFish Underwater Camera

I have been following this company since their official start up a few years ago and I am impressed with what they have been doing. How cool! You can see the hits and misses as they happen in the water right above your bait.

Digital Bluetooth Scales

At ICAST this year I was genuinely impressed with the iBobber Bluetooth Scale with Fish Gripper, which was just being introduced to the fishing market at that time. Now you can accurately get the weight and length of your catches and record it all on your Smartphone. What a concept!

Fishing Apps

A multitude of fishing apps are available for download on your smartphone or tablet no matter what kind of device you own. My personal two favorites are My Fin Finder (, which is based right here in Texas, and NetFish ( Not only can you share your fishing photos with a network of other anglers, you can also see other fishermens’ photos and find some pretty good fishing spots. Obviously, you can also share your own hot spot locations (if you feel so inclined) and fishing experiences.

No matter what you do using this cutting-edge fishing technology, they’re a way to up your game during your time out on the water. Fish hard and stay safe out there.




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