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December 14, 2018
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December 17, 2018

I love hunting gear and the technological advancements that have helped me further in my hunting and shooting pursuits in the great outdoors. The trend of development in the technology we have today has helped many of us who use it in our outdoor adventures and that progress continues. I must say in writing this article that I do not use technology as a “crutch” for my hunting successes. Instead, I use it to help me be better in what I already do. Since we are in December, this should also give you some gift ideas for the tech savvy hunter in your life and maybe some tools you can use on your own adventures in the great beyond.

Ozonics manufactures a device that converts oxygen molecules into ozone molecules, eliminating human odor. I didn’t understand this at first but, as a bowhunter, this is a game changer for scent control. Basically, a silent fan works to project new scent molecules, unrecognizable to wild game animals downwind from you, where it counts the most. You can use this device anywhere you hunt and it is well worth the cost as a scent eliminator for close in hunting encounters. TFG Hunting Editor Lou Marullo has written on this previously and said it is a game-changing device.

The Thermacell unit is a small handheld device which works with an odorless gas cartridge that heats a pad of repellent and acts as a mosquito repellent like no other. Can deer smell it? You can get an “earth scent” pack of repellent pads which are used especially for hunting but I shot my best archery buck, “Mr. Big”, a few years ago with this unit on and I was less than 20 yards away with the normal repellent pads in full use. In the warmer seasons, when mosquitos are the worst, this unit can save you from having  an annoying problem and overall miserable hunt. Thermacell creates a zone of 15 feet of repelling power without using sprays, candles or anything else and these make a great affordable gift.

The TRASOL app is a mobile device app which I reviewed when it first was released on the market on our blog at Like many outdoor apps, TRASOL helps you shoot longer distances with the best information possible. Just input your data in the app and it will calculate what you need to do to shoot at that distance. This is a great tool to use at the gun range and for hunting excursions as it helps you figure out the variables in shooting trajectory that you need to know to make the most accurate shot possible.

Phone Skope helps you use your Smartphone to see further and zoom in on wild game in the field or your targets at the gun range. It can be integrated with scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes and they make an adapter for most types of modern Smartphones. I got to experience this at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range this year. If you’ve ever wanted to share what you see in the woods with your friends and family or want to see an expanded view of what your optics see at the gun range or out in the field, this is the tool for you.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful in your holiday shopping journey and I am easy to find in social media if you have any questions or need any further information on these or any other tech gadgets or gear. I also do gear reviews on our TF&G podcast, The Best of the Outdoors, which can be found at

Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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