Walther PPS M2 with Shield RMSc Red Dot

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Tight groups were easy to shoot with the RMSc equipped PPS M2. This was freestanding 15 yards with HSM 147 grain 9mm.

Earlier we covered the Walther PPS M2, but since then they have released the M2 with Shield RMSc compact red dot optic.  This upgrade makes the PPS M2 impressively accurate and quick to shoot.

The Good

Being a huge fan of my ATEi upgraded M&P with Trijicon RMR for a few years now I jumped at the PPS M2 with red dot.  I love pushing the envelope of accuracy and speed.  Granted a red dot doesn’t make the handgun perform any better – it instead allows the marksman to have a more precise and easier to track aiming point.  It’s been said that “Iron sights are to RDS like a typewriter is to a computer”. Sure, a professional marksman should be able to hit that 6″ target with standard irons from 50 yards.  But having a crisp 4 MOA red dot allows anyone with fundamental trigger control make the same impressive shots.

Tight groups were easy to shoot with the RMSc equipped PPS M2. This was freestanding 15 yards with HSM 147 grain 9mm.

The Details

The Shield MRSc is relatively low maintenance with the one exception of cleaning the lens which we will get to later.  There are no switches or buttons to worry about activating.  It automatically adjusts dot brightness to match ambiant light.  It’s always on and the battery should last 2-3 years.  You will need to remove the sight to access the battery on this compact model.  It does have a small notch to be able to somewhat co-witness the standard irons.  I say “somewhat” because the notch is so narrow that when i adjusted the rear sight the narrower notch of the Shield didn’t allow for full view through the rear sight notch.  I’m not exactly sure why I had to move the rear sight over so much, but it’s obviosuly zeroed due to the proof in the above video.

The Shield RMSc 4 MOA dot

The Shield sight adjusts and holds zero easily with a hex head wrench.  It also includes a “minidial” that attaches to the wrench that displays adjustment directions.  There are no locking screws to worry about forgetting about.  And the PPS M2 also ships with a replaceable plate in case you decide to remove the optic from the slide.

The Bad

My only critizism of the Shield RMSc is the lens.  Trijicon RMRs have a coated glass lens that is highly scratch resistant.  The Shield RMSc on the other hand boasts of a “polymer lens” that won’t break. However it will scratch.  I would usually just blow off a dusty RMR and then wipe the remaining dust off with my shirt.  However treating the Shield like that scratches the polymer lens.  Shield recommends using a MEK solution with special cotton swabs to clean the lens.  That’s hardly robust enough for a defensive handgun sight.  Shield informed me they have a newer generation lens coming out soon.  And that they also have a $50 “lens for life” program where they will replace your lens as much as needed.  But that’s a lot of down time.

Red Dots can be a dust trap. This is the RMSc after being tucked in my waistband for a day of dirty work.

The same RMSc after being blown off. Not a huge deal, but keep it in mind.

Final Thoughts

While there are some potential complications with the RMSc equipped PPS M2, I’m hooked on it.  The PPS M2 in general is an accurate, compact and ergonomic handgun. With the addition of the red dot sight and amazingly accurate Black Hills 125 grain Honey Badger ammo allowing me to consistantly knock over plate racks at beyond 50 yards I’m sold.  I love the confidence of being as accurate as a rifle in my belt 24/7.  Buying the package deal from Walther gives it to you at a better price than building it yourself.  It will be in my waistband until I find something even more accurate and reliable.

If you aren’t interested in the red dot, I’ve seen the PPS M2 for as low as $269 delivered from PSA. http://bit.ly/2DNxSLa




*The Walther PPS M1 models are NOT affected by the recall.  If you have a PPS M1 you do NOT need to send it in for the upgrade.

Important Safety Recall – November 2018 Walther PPS M2 Pistols

Walther Arms, Inc. has recently discovered a potential safety issue with certain PPS M2 pistols.  Walther is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because under certain conditions it is possible that some of these pistols may fire when dropped.

Please do not load or fire your Walther PPS M2 pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge.



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