COASTAL FORECAST: Baffin Bay – March 2019

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February 24, 2019
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February 24, 2019

Springtime on Baffin Bay

EVEN THOUGH ANY DAY spent fishing on this bay system can be an exciting adventure, no time of year seems to excite the seekers of trophy trout more than early spring.

March, April and May have historically been the most consistent months to pick up that personal best trout. It’s a time when creatures of the bay just seem to explode with action. Food sources are once again abundant, and our quarry makes their move to shallow water.

It’s the time of the spawn for Cynoscion Nebulosus, AKA, spotted sea trout. If you have followed us for any time here at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun, you know that we become obsessed with these speckled fish at this time of year.

We know that they begin their spawn when water temps reach the 75 to 80-degree mark and stay there. We also know that they prefer shallow areas with cover such as grass, rocks or other structure.

So now, we must put all this knowledge together with the latest and greatest lures on the market, add a dash of sensitive rods and a big dose of confidence, and we have the recipe for success. But is it really that simple?

It can be that simple, but we have discovered over the years that time spent on the water is the greatest teacher. We have spent just as much time discovering where the fish aren’t as we have figuring out where they are. That’s one reason to hire an experienced guide who is in tune with the area.

This is not just a plug for our business, but a way for you to take a small shortcut in the learning process of your favorite bay system. When you only have a day or two to fish, it’s so much better spending your time fishing productive areas than searching dead water.

2019 is finally showing some promise. We have caught some good fish, but not many of the type we have come to expect on Baffin. We are a bit spoiled down here because a trout must be over 28 inches before it will even raise an eyebrow.

With a long, hard hunting season behind all of us, our time has been spent exclusively on fishing and the results are starting to show. We have zeroed in on the areas holding good fish, and our clients are reaping the rewards.

Soft plastics have been a top producer so far. Our tried and true Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad and Die Dapper are working quite well. Light colors such as alewife, sugar and spice, snowstorm, fried chicken and grey ghost are at the very top of our go-to list. Kelly Wiggler Willowtails in bone diamond and Down South Lures in magic grass and bone diamond have also been great this spring.

Our topwater bite has been sporadic, but on the days that they are aggressively thrashing our topwaters, Yozurri 3DB’s and Heddon One Knocker Spooks have been the lures of choice. Color really doesn’t seem to make any difference to the fish so throw the color you have the most confidence in.

The relatively new kid on the block for us has been the Barboleta Lele. Its erratic subsurface action is irresistible. You can work it like the Corky or other suspending type lures. We are still experimenting with this lure right now, but all of our guides are impressed with the action and especially the results so far. They come in a variety of colors and your choice will depend on your confidence in your favorite color. But of course, if you know us, we kind of like the lighter colors.

We are very excited about the trophy trout season this year at BBR&G and we look forward to helping our clients realize their dreams of a true trophy trout. It’s time to give it a try on the best bay system to catch those Big Girls with the best group of guides on the bay.

Experience five-star service and accommodations on Baffin Bay, and we promise to make your trip memorable.

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is the only dual Orvis endorsed lodge in Texas for both wing shooting and fly-fishing. We are proud to announce our partnership with Yeti premium coolers to become Texas’s first Yeti Lodge. We hope to see many of you soon here at The Last Best Place on the Texas Coast.


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