COASTAL FORECAST: Rockport – June 2019

COASTAL FORECAST: Aransas to Corpus – June 2019
May 24, 2019
COASTAL FOCUS: Upper Mid Coast – June 2019
May 24, 2019

Trump this, Trump that!

THIS IS NOT ABOUT A CARD GAME, although it probably should be as that would make more sense than the endless bashing and non-news rhetoric, hung out like dirty laundry on the social media clothes line about OUR president.

Yes, he IS your president if you are an American citizen. He was voted into office through the processes founded by our forefathers. If you don’t like it, then get involved and change it. Instead of discussing real issues that need to be addressed, our news networks talk about the latest tweet, text, or the bad taste of the first lady’s choice of shoes.

The bubble headed newscasters talk about deaths with a gleam in their eyes. One death is not enough, but 10 or more, well, that’s national news.

Men and women in our armed forces are getting blown to bits, yet they come home to the political spin that they were fighting for no justifiable reason. We hear social security is running out of money, but we never hear welfare is running out of money. The first group (social security) worked for THEIR money the second group (welfare) did not.

We are advised to NOT judge religions other than Christianity by the actions of a few lunatics, BUT gun owners are judged by the actions of a few lunatics.

I voted for Trump. Honestly I didn’t care for either candidate; one was a professional politician the other a corporate white collar professional, both having been raised on the less-than-moral fat earned by us blue-collar workers.

At the very least, Trump is shaking the tree in our government, and my hope casting my vote was that not a single rotten fruit would be left. Better yet, the shallow rooted tree would fall to the ground allowing us to grow a NEW tree with firm roots in a rich soil, nourished in the ideals this country was founded on.

We should be sick of liberals, sick of conservatives and not stand for religions that want to control our country. Those that try to tell us, sell us, or dictate to us, their angle on God or a higher power, should be given an escort out of this country. Millions have died to give us the RIGHT to choose how we believe spiritually; there is no greater sacrifice than that.

So, as outdoor men and women, we should be focused on what’s best for our country. Then we should choose the candidates who allow us the freedom to pursue our conservation efforts, such as fishing and hunting.

In the past election it was from the beginning a two-horse/candidate race. Trump, in multiple interviews, STRONGLY supported a person’s right to hunt and fish. He even went on the say it kept him out of trouble when he was younger.

Social media and politicians can twist or spin the deficit, foreign affairs, healthcare, separation of church and state, racial injustice and renewable energy. However, supporting the rights of 101.6 million Americans (according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) who participate in hunting and fishing, conservation, and the Second Amendment is a yes or no question.

You either support it, or you don’t. Our current President, like him or hate him, supports the rights of the outdoorsman. Trump that.


T HIS IS THE live bait time of year, but hard baits like Super Spooks, Broken Backs and top water poppers can be very effective as the temperatures go into the three-digit range.

Copano Bay: Early morning is best especially with a moving tide. The area near Turtle Pen is a good spot for reds using finger mullet free-lined. Some keeper trout may be found on Shell Bank Reef and the many smaller reefs in this area using free-lined croaker.

St. Charles Bay: Wades just off Big Sharp Point are good for trout using croakers or Super Spook lures in bone and red colors. East Pocket is a good spot for reds during high tide. Finger mullet on a light Carolina rig is a good choice here.

Aransas Bay: Deadman’s Reef is holding some trout with either mud minnows or shrimp under a rattle cork as a good bait choice. Long Reef is a good spot for reds and trout using a croaker on a very light Carolina rig.

Carlos Bay: Cedar reef is a good spot for black drum using live shrimp under a popping cork. Reds frequent this area during high tide.

Mesquite Bay: The shoreline between Third Chain and Cedar Bayou is a good spot for reds using free-lined finger mullet. The small reefs on the east shoreline close to the ranch house is a good spot for black drum and a few flounders using free-lined live shrimp.

Ayers Bay: The northwest shoreline just off Rattlesnake Island is a good spot for black drum and sheepsheads using fresh dead shrimp on a light Carolina rig. Reds travel this shoreline as well, especially late evening, with finger mullet the best bait.


THE AIRPORT SHORELINE on the south bank of Copano Bay is a good spot for reds and trout using free-lined croakers. Wading is best, especially early morning. Wade out far enough so you can cast back into the shoreline.


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